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Breg Slingshot 2 Shoulder Brace

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Breg Slingshot 2 Shoulder Brace
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Breg's Slingshot 2 features a comfortable, breathable Airmesh sling and a 15° abduction pillow; Shoulder brace provides effective immobilization and comfort after surgery.

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The Breg SlingShot 2 Shoulder Brace is a comfortable Airmesh sling and 15° abduction pillow that provides comfort after surgery.  Quick release shoulder and waist strap buckles make this brace easy to apply. Designed to support and protect the shoulder, the SlingShot 2 is one's of Breg's most recommended braces commonly used after rotator cuff repairs, anterior repairs, posterior dislocations, and capsular shift procedures.  It comes in three sizes and includes a stress ball to promote circulation.  The  sling is detachable and can be used without the abduction pillow later in the recovery process. 

Breg Slingshot 2 Features:

  • Airmesh moisture wicking fabric wicks perspiration away for increased breathability and comfort.
  • Four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge - please see our sizing chart tab above for important sizing instructions.
  • Universal: fits left or right.
  • Squeezable stress ball included to promote circulation and early gentle shoulder isometric strengthening.
  • Quick release shoulder and waist straps are easy to apply.
  • SlingShot 2 can be detached from the pillow itself.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3660


The Breg SlingShot 2 shoulder brace can be used to treat:

  • Rotator cuff repairs.
  • Anterior repairs.
  • Posterior dislocations.
  • Capsular shifts.
  • Global shoulder instability.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Breg SlingShot2 Shoulder Brace Sizing



About Airmesh

BREG's Airmesh® is a revolutionary, 3D, latex free, non-neoprene material, ideal for those who are allergic to neoprene as well as anyone desiring breathable support for extended daily use. 

Airmesh Breg SlingShot 2 provides the following benefits:

  • Breathable.
  • Absorbs moisture, moving it away from the body, allowing for evaporation to occur through natural air circulation.
  • Fast drying.
  • Polyester/nylon/Lycra blend.
  • Half the weight of neoprene.
  • Durable.
  • Latex free.
  • Hypo-allergenic.


Very, good, durable, and comfortable for a sling
If you need a sling for your post shoulder recovery, this is a great one. It's as comfortable as a sling could possibly be, plus it's durable and it wears well. It's also easy to clean - just hand wash with Woolite and air dry.
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First brace was too big...
Good design. My wife was between two sizes and the first Sling shot 2 was too large for her shoulder. Had to exchange it for a smaller size which was completed without any issues.
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Got it on time. Very comfortable.
Got my SlingShot 2 right on time. The brace is very comfortable on my shoulder.
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Easy to wear
Instructions on how to wear were straight forward. Had my husband help with cleaning and washing it in the sink with a light detergent. Would recommend this to other people who have injured their shoulder and need a comfortable brace or sling to wear for support.
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Just What We Needed
Doctor recommended this for my wife's shoulder injury so we got the small size because the doctor ran out at his office and just had the medium. Very reasonably priced and included free shipping; delivery arrived in one day. Very pleased.
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Use it all the time
I have a completely torn up shoulder and use this everyday for support so I can get some pain relief. It is very comfortable to wear. I own two of them because I use them so much, and soon I'll purchase a third so I can have one in each vehicle and one in the house as a backup.
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Fit Well
I used this for 6 weeks after my shoulder surgery. The hospital only had a medium size in another brand and it was also a good sling but simply too big do I bought this instead. This fit well and lasted fine through night and day wear. It wasn't always that comfortable but since my shoulder was in pain (at least a dull ache) most of the time, I don't know how comfortable anything would have been.
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Not a fan
Bought the size medium and wearing it now after having a torn labrum repaired. This is a very cheap, poorly thought out product. The material is coarse, recycled plastic fiber. The shoulder sling has no stiffener in it, so the sling will continually stretch with use, needing adjustment. Not a fan.
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Using this Breg Slingshot Brace
After my shoulder surgery the hospital gave me a sling that was just a piece of fabric with no support. Customer service here suggested this Breg SlingShot brace. It's provided great support and has been very comfortable. Have kept it in case I have to have the other shoulder operated on.
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Pretty comfortable
I'm on week three of wearing this sling after shoulder surgery. It offers excellent support and hold my arm just right. The sling is breathable and very light weight. I only have 2 complaints: one is the pad for the neck is not quite right, it isn't super uncomfortable, just a little in the way and hard. The other complaint is, while it does breathe, the black is rather hot in the summer in over 90 weather. I sleep in mine though and it does a great job overall.
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Holds my arm in place
If you need a sling like this, it's because you're probably recovering from surgery or an injury like me. I woke up in the recovery room at the hospital when I got my first one of these. I was wearing it when I woke up after the orthopedic doctor repaired my supraspinatus tendon. I was to wear it around the clock for at least five weeks. Had to also sleep in my recliner so I couldn't turn over on it. Yes, my shoulder was messed up pretty good.

I bought a second one because the first one started to smell after about two weeks You can wash the sling, but not the pillow, by hand, cold water, drip dry. Second reason for buying a second one: when you take all the straps off to wash them, having a pattern to see how to put them back correctly sure is nice. You might want to get rid of the rinky dink little pad on the shoulder strap. It's too small and I'm sure putting Velcro on the inside seemed like a pretty good idea to Breg, but it assumes you're always going to have the strap the same length. When you sit in a car or your recliner, the strap goes either into slack or you it needs to be loosened so the pad will be in the wrong place. I used an extra towel from home to keep the seat belt from rubbing my neck. Also if you take a soft hand towel and put it inside the sling, so it wraps around your forearm, you'll sweat on it instead of the sling. If you need to, put a towel between your abdomen and the pillow. My physical therapist says these are a lot better than the old ones. I don't have any way of knowing whether this one is better or worse than any other sling, but it's been holding my arm in place pretty well.
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Very Good
My doctor suggested this Slingshot 2 to use after my surgery. he didn't have the right size so I bought it online from DME. The sling is breathable and I don't get hot when I'm wearing it.
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Q&A for Breg Slingshot 2 Shoulder Brace

  • From George Castro
    • Q: Is this brace washable?
    • A: Yes. All parts are washable. It is best to remove the foam pad first. It might help to take note of how the Velcro is fastened before removing attachments.
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  • From Monica D.
    • Q: If I order today, could I get it in one week time? It's urgent.
    • A: Definitely! If you order today, it would ship today. We deliver everywhere in the lower 48 states within 2-4 days or less. Hope that helps! Order online, through chat, or call our customer service team at 877-872-8784 for assistance with placing an order.
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