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Breg Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy Unit

Breg Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy Unit
10601 + pad
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Breg's Polar Care Kodiak is the most convenient and versatile motorized unit for cold therapy; the system provides 6-8 hours of treatment.
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The Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy Unit is the most convenient and versatile offering in Breg's Polar Care line. It’s easy to use and has a compact design that makes it perfect for home or hospital use. Depending on your patient-specific protocol, with nothing more than an initial fill of ice and water patients can enjoy 6-8 hours of motorized cold therapy for recovery according to their own comfort level. With the optional battery-powered pack, the Polar Care Kodiak can provide power for 10-14 hours of cold therapy anywhere for greater convenience. Using an insulation barrier between the patient's skin and the pad is recommended for proper use and protection.

Breg Polar Care Kodiak Features:

  • Proven reliability and effectiveness
  • Easy to use, intuitive design.
  • Advanced motor for whisper quiet performance.
  • Provides motorized cold therapy for 6-8 hours.
  • Advanced filter design prevents clogging.
  • Intelli-Flo pads provide safe temperature control specific to each treatment area resulting in superior coverage and comfort.
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  • For single patient use; non-returnable.

Breg Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy

Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy System Pad Choices:

  • 10240 - Intelli-Flo, Multi-Use pad
  • 10245 - Intelli-Flo, Multi-Use, Long Stem - Adds 6" to the stem of the pad.
  • 10230 - Intelli-Flo, Knee pad
  • 10220 - Intelli-Flo, Shoulder pad
  • 10225 - Intelli-Flo, Shoulder XL - for 6'3" and taller or very heavy individuals.
  • 10210 - Intelli-Flo, Ankle - Pad dimensions- 12.75 X 18.5", 5" tube length, *Sterile Dressing included
  • 10250 - Intelli-Flo, Back
  • 10260 - Intelli-Flo, Hand/wrist, *Sterile Dressing included
  • 10205 - Intelli-Flo, 3x5,*Sterile Dressing included

Read before purchasing the Polar Care Kodiak:

I will read and carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided with the unit. I understand that I will assume all responsibility for the use/misuse of this item. I will contact my physician immediately in the case of any untoward reactions caused by use of this cold therapy device. I understand that DME-Direct.com is only a distributor of the product and in no way assumes responsibility for any injury it may cause due to malfunction, misuse, inappropriate application, or other reason. Furthermore, DME-Direct.com cannot provide specific details as to the product's application or use, other than is provided in the product documentation, developed by this product manufacturer. Kodiak units are classified by the FDA as Class II medical devices that must be prescribed by a physician or licensed healthcare practitioner. By clicking "Buy Now" you certify that the above statement(s) is/are true.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: E0218 + E0249


The Polar Care Kodiak cold therapy unit is commonly used for:

  • Post operative.
  • Arthroscopic procedures.
  • Reconstructive procedures.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • General surgery.
  • Post trauma.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Physical therapy.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

  • Pads for the Polar Care Kodiak by Breg are universally sized to fit all adults.
  • Regular Shoulder (10220) fits most adults. Shoulder XL (10225) fits individuals 6'3" and taller and/or very heavy individuals.
  • Multi-use comes in a regular size (10240) or Multi-use, Long Stem (10245 - same size/shape pad with 16" length hose); both can be used on the knee, hip, or shoulder joints.
  • Knee (10604) - fits the knee; strap length is designed to fit most individuals; not the best choice for larger sized people.
great product
I ordered this product because I have used Breg products in the past. I did have a total knee replacement and knew that I would need this product to help me past the swelling I knew that I would have. It worked great for 3 weeks and then I had some issues with the unit and pad. DME-Direct went to bat for me and I received a replacement unit the next day from Breg! I couldn't be any happier. Great product, great customer care from DME-Direct and Breg. I will certianly buy from DME-Direct again for anything that they carry that I need. They really set the bar for customer service, this is how all companies should treat their customers.
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Great product!
Very pleased with this product which had been recommended by my orthopedic doctor when I had a total knee replacement. It is very convenient and easy to use and will be easy to take with us when we travel. I highly recommend this product.
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Better than just using ice cubes.
This is so much better than just using ice cubes.
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Works as advertised. Will absolutely speed up recovery.
Had hip replacement surgery and am 100% convinced this machine significantly cut my recovery time as well as my need for pain management (of which I had very little thanks to this device...basically controlled my post-op with Tylenol). Never had any visible swelling that wasn't controlled. With the Kodiak, temperature, and flow were perfect. I had an anterior approach and this hip pad covered exactly the right spots. I could leave the machine on for several hours at a time and it was therapeutic, almost massage-like. Having watched a friend of mine struggle with swelling and trips to constantly fill up his ice bags every 20 mins I can tell you this machine is an absolute must have. DME provided what I expected in a timely fashion. Simple to use. I used a rotation of frozen Gatorade bottles (3 regular size and 1 mini to fit under the slotted drain plate). This was an investment that I highly recommend. I plan to buy more attachments for use in post-sports recovery for myself and my kids (ankles, knees).
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A Must Have
My daughter broke her femur and two months later, as a result of the break, her ACL tore completely. We could not have lived without this machine; it was a life saver. Once filled with water and ice, it lasts a full 24 hours. I don't know if it would last quite so long in the summer but hopefully, she won't have to be using it then! The price may seem a bit high, but it's worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone.
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Very Pleased
My wife had knee replacement surgery and the cold therapy machine is the best. It makes it very easy to ice the knee and the knee pad fits perfect and doesn't annoy or hurt when on. The water and ice stay cold for many hours. A great investment.
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