Breg Polar Care Cub Cold Therapy System

Breg Polar Care Cub Cold Therapy System
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  • Provides 4 - 6 hours of cold therapy. 
  • Lightweight, compact 2 quart size cooler.
  • Economical, manual gravity-fed design.
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The Polar Care Cub™ is a cost effective manual system perfectly designed to help patients recover from minor surgical procedures.

The Breg Polar Care Cub holds 2 quarts and uses a built-in hand pump to circulate cold water out to the pad, while at the same time, increasing compression around the joint to reduce swelling. It provides anywhere from 4-6 hours of cold before needing to be refilled again with ice and water.  The Breg Polar Care Cub is a versatile unit that can be used at the hospital, at home, in the car, or on the athletic field immediately after an injury.  This device is appropriate for use after post-operative surgical procedures and can be set up in less than five minutes.  Choose a joint Wrapon pad from the pull-down menu below to complete your order.

Breg Polar Care Cub Features:

  • All packages are shipped factory sealed and include the cooler and pump. WrapOn pads are sold separately - make your choice above to complete your order.
  • The product is one of the smallest and most lightweight cold therapy unit available.
  • Easy-to-use, manually powered hand pump delivers cold therapy to the treatment area.
  • Appropriate for use after surgery or for management of chronic musculoskeletal injuries that benefit from the use of cold therapy.
  • Click to see our Polar Care Cub return policy.
  • Single patient use - non returnable.

Wrapon Pad Choices:  Seesizing chart tab for specifics.

  • Knee: Regular, Large or XL .
  • Shoulder: Regular or XL.
  • Multi-use XL or Multi-use XL, Long Stem
  • Back with Extra Long Straps
  • Hand/Wrist

Breg Polar Pads, Polar Wraps, Dressings and replacement parts are available on the Breg Polar Care Cub Cold Therapy Accessories page.

Read before purchasing this product:

I am currently under the treatment of a physician who has prescribed this Breg Polar Care Cub. I will read and carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided with the unit/part. I understand that I will assume all responsibility for the use/misuse of this item. I will contact my physician immediately in the case of any untoward reactions caused by use of this cold therapy device. I understand that is only a distributor of the product and in no way assumes responsibility for any injury it may cause due to malfunction, misuse, inappropriate application, or other reason. Furthermore, cannot provide specific details as to the product's application or use, other than is provided in the product documentation, developed by this product manufacturer. By clicking "Buy Now" you certify that the above statement(s) is/are true.

** Please note: Cold therapy parts come in contact with water which may contain bacteria that can come in contact with skin/incisions. By regulations, we cannot accept returns on cold therapy units/parts unless there is a problem with their operation, in which case if the unit is still within its warranty period, it will be replaced with a new unit.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: A9999.



The Breg Polar Care Cub is routinely used for:

  • Edema.
  • Swelling.
  • Post-surgical use.
  • For cooling down a joint after an intense workout.
Sizing chart

Breg Polar Care Cub


Manual gravity fed unit - does not use electricity.

Cold Therapy
Pros: This is light, portable and does keep your knee (or whatever else is injured) cool and provides a small amount of compression. Cleaner than just using ice bags and less hassle than using gel pads.

Cons - None.

A couple of things you should know:
The pad cannot be applied directly to the skin, you need something underneath it to prevent frost bite.
The cooler and pad should be at the same height as the body part that is being treated so the cold water can flow easily from the system.
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Lightweight Therapy
The cub is the smaller solution to the more bulky 300 or 500 unit. It is small and light weight and can easily be moved. It provides great compression on my ankle and is an amazing solution to ice bags. I don't have to worry about getting cold burns from the ice bags, and can think less about the icing because I don't have to hold the product in place, the pad has velcro straps to secure it to my ankle so I don't have to worry about it!!! Perfect 10.
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