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Active Ice Soft Knee


active ice

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Knee Arthroscopy

Active Ice Soft Knee

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  • Provides effective cold therapy for up to one hour.
  • Comes with two 12" x 5" gels.
  • Inserts remain pliable to mold to your knee.
  • Suitable for sprains, strains, and recovery after surgery.
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Active Ice Soft Knee combines ice cells and a unique gel composition for cold that last longer than an hour.

The wrap provides effective cold therapy that molds easily to the contours of your knee. It comes with two 12" x 5" non-toxic gels that freeze yet remain pliable in stead of turning hard for ease of use.  A compression sleeve with a linen lining is included which prevents the gel from causing a freezer burn, and insulates the cold around your knee for more effective treatment. Elastic straps on the outside keep it firmly in place and are durable enough for daily use. The Active Ice Soft Knee Wrap provides deep penetrating cold for knee sprains/strains, ligament injuries, and recovery after knee surgery.

Active Ice Soft Knee Features:

  • Insert stays cold up to an hour yet pliable.
  • Comes with two large 12" x 5" non-toxic gels (Double Gel Pack)
  • Linen liner inside prevents the gels from causing a freezer burn.
  • Durable compression sleeve is design ed for daily use.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • 12"x13" size can be worn on knee, thigh or calf.
  • Order in quantity of one or by the case for clinics/hospitals.
  • Editors note: If you're tired of ice packs that don't stay cold then this is worth a try. We like this product for two reasons - 1) It truly stays cold longer than anything we've tested yet, without it turning hard and brittle. 2) It's proudly made here in the USA (Oklahoma) instead of overseas.


The Active Ice Soft Knee can be used for:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries requiring cold therapy.
  • Post-operative care

12"x13" wrap

Soft Knee Directions for Use:

  • Gel pack(s) should be placed in freezer for a minimum of two hours in freezer before using.  Make sure to install the gels inside the linen pouch prior to use. Apply only soft compression. If you're icing against the skin, remove after 20 minutes, or as directed by your medical practitioner.

Active Ice Soft Knee Reviews

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  1. Excellent value Review by Deborah Leimgruber

    This is a great product! I had knee surgery and used these ice packs and they were a great help. Very good price and you get two ice packs with a nice cover.

  2. Excellent product Review by Mike

    I have two of these and recently purchased another one for a family member. Gets cold fast, stays cold longer than any I have used in the past and is just an excellent product for sports aches and pains. Other products don't get cold enough for long enough and this one does. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  3. Excellent product Review by Tamara

    I am in the health care profession and this is the same ice machine that several of the physicians I work with recommend for their patients. The best part of ordering it directly from DME Direct was that it was less than half the price! It is a great icing device, that provides maximum coolness. I still use this for pain and swelling I have from a partial menisectomy 6 months ago.

  4. Excellent product - great cold Review by Donna Huskey

    This ice pack is excellent. Very easy to use. The straps to hold them in place are great for icing on the go. Plus it stays cold for about an hour like it advertises.

  5. Great product - we buy a lot of these. Review by Mike

    My girlfriend and I both have knees that we ice regularly. This is the best icing product that we've found. Really easy - you just put the gel pack in the freezer, take it out when frozen, insert into the holder, then fasten it around your knee. Gives great cold and compression.

  6. Oh my aching knees Review by Ann C.

    I have two of these, given to my daughter and myself after our knee surgeries. It wraps around the knee perfectly and the inserts freeze cold and soft (very pliable). We use them all the time, especially after a run or a workout. My other daughter (who did not have knee surgery) runs and uses the knee wrap as well. She's going off to college, is running on a Division 1 team, so I got her her very own to take with her.

  7. Great product; perfect for sore knee Review by Becky's Reviews

    This product is just perfect for icing a sore knee. Have used it post knee surgery with great success.

  8. Love it Review by Jannyk9

    Love the size, fit, and extra cold pack.

  9. Great icing product Review by Mike

    This product is great. The inserts go in the freezer, then you take them out and put them in the sleeve, then wrap sleeve around your knee/etc. It works better than any other icing product that I've tried....ever. With daily use, the sleeve/gels may wear out after a couple years, but $40-ish every two years is a pretty good deal.

  10. Great product for pain relief Review by Ivan T.

    Easy to use & provides effective pain relief!

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    • From sweaver
      • Q: Is this for the large size (12 x 24) or the smaller (12 x 13) size? I see both listed in the details.

        Thank you!
      • A: This listing is for the 12" x 13" wrap with two gels.

        Thanks for contacting DME-Direct customer service.

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