Active Ice Soft Cold Shoulder

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Active Ice Soft Shoulder
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  • Features a Double Gel Pack insert for greater coverage, two 12" x 5" gel packs.
  • Provides up to one hour of cold treatment.
  • Shoulder sleeve has a linen liner to prevent freezer burns.
  • Suitable for injury rehab, sports use, and post-surgical recovery.
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The Active Ice Soft Shoulder provides convenient, cost-effective cold therapy that molds to the shape of your shoulder. The product comes with two 8" x 5" nontoxic gel inserts that remain "soft" even right when they come out of the freezer - allowing it to conform to your shoulder's contours with ease.  It provides cold therapy for up to one hour at a time before needing to be re-frozen.  The Active Ice Soft Shoulder comes with a compression sleeve that straps around your chest and biceps to sty in place.  A linen liner inside holds the gels in place and prevents freezer burns from occurring.  This model can be used for everything from shoulder sprains to rotator cuff tears to recovery after shoulder arthroscopy.

Active Ice Shoulder Soft Features:

  • Malleable cold pack design allows it to conform to the contours of your shoulder.
  • Includes two 12" x 5" nontoxic gels (Double Gel Pack).
  • Compression sleeve comes with a linen inner liner to prevent cold burns from occurring.
  • Reliable and cost-effective.
  • Fits right and left sides.


The Active Ice Soft Shoulder can be used for:

  • Rotator cuff injury.
  • Sore or dislocated shoulder.
  • Musculoskeletal njuries requiring cold therapy.
  • Post-operative recovery.
Sizing chart
  •  One size fits all design - fits large and short size individuals.
Great product and service
I was given this product when I had my shoulder surgery. It was easy to use and very helpful. I used it so much it started to wear. I now have to have my knee operated on and don’t want to be without it so I ordered another one online. I received it promptly and in perfect condition.
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Love Active Ice but strap too short
I love the Active Ice products. I used them for my knees after my arthroscopies and total knee replacements, so when I injured my shoulder, it was a no-brainer to get the one for my shoulder. It provides excellent coverage in just the area that is needed and is easy to use. I am a little disappointed however, that the strap which goes around my body and under my armpit is too short. I am plus-sized (size 20 dress), so maybe a small woman or man would not have a problem. I think that a large man would have trouble with the size of the strap as well. I ended up buying a Nylatex wrap which is on the way. I hope that I can use it to extend the strap so it will not be so tight. I suppose you could come up with other solutions as well. Overall an excellent product
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active ice shoulder
After shoulder surgery we dispense these to patients because they are comfortable, easy to use and completely portable. We are finding that they are a cost-effective alternative to cold therapy units that are not always billable through insurance.
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