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TruLife Pneu-Trac Traction Collar

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TruLife Pneu-Trac Traction Collar provides static or intermittent, patient-controlled cervical traction. Maintains correct alignment for effective treatment - not an accordion design. Easily adjustable air pressure. Two piece construction allows for varying height adjustment. A favorite of physicians and chiropractors.

TruLife Pneu-Trac Traction Collar

$139.99 $129.99

The Pneu-Trac Traction Collar from Trulife is a comfortable, lightweight alternative to traditional home cervical traction unit models.  This item provides pneumatic distraction of the cervical region by simply inflating the bottom of the collar with the attached patient-adjustable hand pump.  The inflatable design allows patients to walk around, watch television, or enjoy reading  while using their collar for effective traction.  Patients can adjust air pressure appropriate to the amount of cervical distraction required by using the hand-held inflation bulb which includes a release valve.   The Pneu-Trac Traction Collar is made of two-piece semi-rigid polyethylene to shape to the contours of the neck and shoulders while providing a stable base of support to your neck for effective treatment (this is a key difference compared to other inflatable, accordion-style models).  The pressure can be varied according to the severity of the neck pain.  The two-piece construction allows for varied heights. Safe, comfortable, and effective!

What Makes Pneu-Trac Traction Collar Design Different From The Others?  The Pneu-Trac features a semi-rigid collar design with the inflatable bladder located at the very bottom.  This creates a more stable base from which the inflatable bladder can push upward to create an effective distraction for your neck.  Other designs with multiple inflatable bellows simply keep inflating to provide a snug fit without generating sufficient, evenly applied, traction forces to your cervical spine.

Pneu-Trac Traction Collar Features:

  • Comfortable yet supportive in order for treatment to be effective
  • Keeps your head centered properly (unlike accordion-style inflatable products>
  • Easy to fit, easy to inflate
  • Inflates at the base for effective cervical distraction
  • Use while seated or moving around
  • 3 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large. See Size and Fit tab for sizing chart

Recommended HCPC: L0150

The Pneu-Trac Traction Collar can be used to treat:

  • Pinched Nerve.
  • Cervical Radiculitis/Radiculopathy.
  • Chronic Neck Pain.
  • Cervical Myofascial Pain Syndrome.


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