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Thuasne Genu Pro Activ Knee Brace

Thuasne SKU: U31001
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Short Description

The Genu Pro Active by Thuasne maintains compression and support of the knee after mild to moderate strains and sprains.

The Thuasne Genu Pro Active provides maintenance, compression and support of the knee after mild or moderate knee strains or sprains. The Genu Pro Active features a unique silicone patelar insert to guide the patella or maximum afficacy. The knee brace's compression knit and side hinges provide added stability for the knee with any activity. The low profiile design and thinner material behind the knee provide added comfort for all day wear. 

Thuasne Genu Pro Active Features:

  • Patented silicone patellar insert.
  • Medical grade compression reinforces proprioception (26mmHg).
  • Double upright hinges provide additional stability.
  • Soft knit over the popliteal crease for optimum comfort.
  • Anatomical cut at the calf.
  • Low-profile design.
  • 3D knitting adapts to your body shape.
  • Lateral silicone bands help suspension/reduces slippage.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1810/L1812

The Thuasne Genu Pro Active may be used for:

  • Chondromalacia.
  • Knee Strains.
  • Knee Sprains.