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Millennial In Motion Pro Crutches

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Millennial In Motion Pro Crutches
Millennial Medical


  • Spring-loaded tip design for shock absorption. 
  • Reduces stress on the wrists and forearms. 
  • Ergonomic crutch designed handles and underarm cradle.

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Millennial In-Motion Pro Crutches are large style underarm style crutch designed to reduce strain for greater comfort and mobility.  In-Motion Pro Crutches feature ergonomically designed hand grips to reduce strain on the nerves to the wrist and a new polyurethane underarm cradle for greater comfort.  The ergonomic handles fit comfortably in the palm and places the wrist in a more neutral position to reduce numbness and tingling in the fingersers and forearm areas.  The spring loaded ends absorb and dampen impact energy which would normally be felt throughout the arms.  Because the tips articulate with the ground for greater mobility, the In Motion Pro continuously provides control and stability while walking.  

Millennial In Motion Pro Crutch Features:

  • Spring Assist Technology - absorbs impact energy assisting user mobility.
  • Helps maintain correct posture during walking; eliminates underarm jamming.
  • Folding Crutch Design - folding design for easy travel and storage.
  • Crutch Cradle - Reinforced neck and cradle for strength and increased weight usage.
  • Ergonomic Crutch Handles - correct fit using slight downward angle.
  • Aligns the bones in the arm and hand.
  • Design eliminates pain and pressure on the carpal tunnel area.
  • Articulating Tips - provides maximum contact with the floor for stability.
  • Spring assist technology tip design reduces energy from impact.
  • Large underarm cradle padded for comfort.
  • Heavy duty construction supports up to 500 lbs.
  • Collapses down to 21".
  • Push-button telescoping for length adjustments.
  • Sizes: Short 4'7" - 5'6", Tall 5'6" -6'6", X-Tall: 5'10" - 7'2". See sizing chart for fit help.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Color: Charcoal Grey.
  • 1 year warranty.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: E0117


  • In Motion Pro crutches can be used with any lower extremity injury that requires the use of crutches for assistance.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart Guide:

  • 1) Wear the shoes you will most commonly wear when using the crutches.
  • 2) Stand in an upright posture and measure the distance from the floor to your underarm (armpit).
  • 3) Using this measurement, look at the range of handle heights in the short and tall In-Motion Pro crutches listed below. Wherever your measurement falls is the crutch size you should use.

* In-Motion Pro Short (MWD6000): Floor to Underarm Cradle - 42.5” to 50.5” with 9 positions

* In-Motion Pro Tall (MWD6500): Floor to Underarm Cradle - 50” to 62.5” with 13 positions

* In-Motion Pro Extended Tall (MWD5600) : Floor to Underarm Cradle - 54” to 66” with 13 positions

Note: In-Motion Pro crutches are usually the most comfortable when placed snug to 1” below the underarm, creating a slight bend in the elbow and allowing the user to stand up straight Choose according to your height for the proper size:

5/5 stars Good ergonomic crutch
5/5 stars - good ergonomic crutch. It's easy on my wrists and shoulders.
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Durable and comfortable
My insurance would not cover this so I bought my in motion crutches here because the price was very good and the reviews seemed positive. I can report after two weeks of using this crutch that they have been very helpful and the spring assist is very helpful.
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Doctor recommended these
My doctor recommended the in motion pro crutches after my knee surgery so that I'd have less weight on my cartilage transplant surgery. Price was great and the delivery arrived the next day.
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Best crutches with springs
I'm 6'5" and ordered the Tall size and they fit me perfectly. I used regular crutches 15 years ago and they caused wrist and shoulder pain so I bought these after my ankle surgery. So I got these spring crutches and they have made getting around much easier for me. Thank you.
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Repeat purchase
This is my second pair of millenium crutches. First pair lasted over 10 years and finally needed replacing. The shipment arrived ahead of schedule in two days.
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Very happy with crutches
I have to be non-weight bearing again this December & January - more surgery for a Jones fracture. Having learned last year that I'm a menace to myself and others on a knee scooter, and not much better on regular crutches, I started searching for options.

I found Millennial crutches. Despite fears from my physical therapist, who knows how bad my balance is, I'm doing much better on Millennial crutches than the regular kind. They're easier under my arms. Even more importantly, they're much easier on my arthritic hands and wrists.

My PT and I were both worried about the "springyness" of them, given my balance issues; however, I find the spring makes it much easier for me to recover from a misstep and much less likely to make a misstep to begin with.

NOTE: I live about 40 miles away from the people who make and sell the crutches. Driving was out for a variety of reasons. When I saw what they were going to charge me in shipping, I hit their list of authorized dealers and looked for the web stores. I checked out several and opted for for DME-Direct. I'm very happy I did. Between shipping and DME-Direct's better price, I saved a lot. The shipping was ultra-fast and customer service helpful. I've passed on the URL to my physical therapist and my doctor.

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't get electric red crutches, but I don't have to worry about charcoal crutches clashing with everything, plus I saved on the cost.
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Crutches work really well
Received my crutches this weekend and finally could walk again! Very easy to assemble and adjustable to many heights. The springs at the bottom of each crutch are wonderful, taking pressure off my hands as I walk. I'll be traveling to London with them in October, so am really looking forward to being able to collapse them down and easily carry them around when I don't need them (like on a bus or in a subway).
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Not For Me
I debated for quite a while and read reviews all over the Internet before I actually purchased them. DME-Direct has the best prices, so if you do get them, buy here. Shipping was fast and customer service was pleasant. The crutches are well made and nice looking. They were also comfortable. The problem, for me, is that they didn't really do what I was expecting. I thought the spring-assist would make it easier for me to get around with less energy, but that was not the case. I am 5'5", so I ordered the short crutches. I also weigh close to 200 lbs. Perhaps the taller crutches have a sturdier spring, but I found that the spring compressed with every step, but didn't really "uncoil" after. It just felt like the crutch was shortening with every step, but not really offering an assist. My regular crutches ended up being a better option. Perhaps if you weigh less than me or you are taller, your experience would be different.
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Excellent Product
2nd knee surgery in 4 months. First time used conventional crutches, ended up with sore hands, armpits and lower back ache... Had 2nd surgery 8 days ago and ordered the pro walkers.... Such a difference already, my OS even commented on my use and gait . I'm non weight bearing for 6-8 weeks and these make it bearable. The shock absorbers create more comfort with each step. Can't say enough good things about this product. Ill continue to spread the word on these crutches they have truly made a difference in my recovery. A Big Thank You.
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Likes the crutches
The crutches are great (for crutches). I would highly recommend them.
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Tall Mans Crutch
I am 6'7" tall and I never thought I could find a crutch that would fit my height and support my weight so well. When I noticed that the center for the NBA Rockets (Yao Ming) was using the In-Motion Pro (Extended Version) crutches to rehabilitate from his recent injury, I knew that I had found something that could work for me. Not only did these crutches work so well, they left me pain free from using them. Most crutches I used in the past made my underarms sore, but the Millennial Crutches didn't. These crutches work and are so much better than the ordinary crutch.
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Q&A for Millennial In Motion Pro Crutches

  • From jag987
    • Q: The 500lbs weight limit for the crutches, is that using both crutches? How much does one (1) in-motion crutch support? 250lbs weight limit with 1 crutch?
    • A: It is a 500 lb weight limit using two crutches.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

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