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M-Brace #75 Artemis Light Knee Brace

M-Brace SKU: 75
$139.99 $128.99
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Short Description

  • Breathable, 100% cotton velour material.
  • Hinges mimic natural knee motion.
  • Interlocking strap design for a great fit.
  • Cotton velour construction for comfort.

M-Brace #75 Artemis Light Knee Brace

$139.99 $128.99

The M-Brace #75 Artemis Light Knee Brace is for traumatic pathologies such as light distortions, MCL/LCL instability, light articular laxity, bursitis and articular effusion. Provides passive support during rehab and light protection during sports. Cotton material on the skin aluminum breathes unlike traditional neoprene alternatives and the compression closure straps help provide an excellent fit around the entire knee.  Anatomically-shaped medial and lateral aluminum polycentric hinges guarantee a complete synchrony with the natural movement of the knee.

The M-brace #75 Artemis Light Knee Brace locking system provides adjustable compression and enhanced comfort over more traditionally styled braces.

M-brace #75 Artemis Light Knee Brace Features:

  • Universal, fits right and left sides.
  • Pre-shaped multi-centric hinges mimic natural joint motion and are removable for washing.
  • Easily adjustable; no brace migration while on leg.
  • Lightweight; Low profile.
  • Double sleeve for stays.
  • Strong closure straps provide an adjustable  "locking system" to maintain the Artemis Light in the correct position at all time.
  • Thin cotton layer over the patella and the popliteal area behind the knee - the rest is cotton velour in contact with the skin.
  • Washable.
  • Available in eight sizes - please see sizing chart tab.


The M-Brace #75 Artemis Knee Brace may be used to treat:

  • MCL and LCL instability.
  • Mild/severe ligament sprains.
  • Post rehab sports resumption.
  • Active sports-oriented people: for activities even with light medial/lateral instability.
  • Geriatric population with age related knee pathologies, weakness and discomforts.

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