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Lateral Knee Brace, Support

Searching for a lateral knee brace for patella relief?  Lateral knee support products stabilize and support the outside (lateral) border of your kneecap to improve tracking and provide pain relief.  Available in mostly sleeve styled designs, these braces usually feature a unique "J" shaped buttress that surrounds the lateral border of your kneecap and use a force flap that helps normalize stability.  Knee brace products for lateral control are effective for relieving pain from lateral release proceedures and patella tracking conditions .  DME-Direct carries a large selection of lateral knee supports from all of the top orthopedic brands including, Bledsoe, Corflex, Donjoy, Fla Orthopedics, Hely Weber, MedSpec, Procare, and more.  We deliver thousand each year to patients, physicians, hospitals, clinics, and more.  They're easy to apply and their force flaps can be tightened and adjusted for customized support as needed.  Some will products feature hinge bars instead of flexible stays for enhanced lateral support and knee stability - better choice for people with more advanced chondromalacia or those who need greater patella control with each step.  Click patella brace to see our full collection.

lateral knee brace