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Isotoner Therapeutic Compression Gloves

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Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves provide therapeutic compression and warmth. Designed with non-irritating seams on the outside. Available in fingerless and full fingered models.

Isotoner Therapeutic Compression Gloves

$24.99 $19.99

Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves fight the pain and swelling due to arthritis or an injury.  They have a therapeutic design that allows for greater dexterity with daily activities and feature seams on the outside to eliminate stress on the hand. The gloves can be worn day or night for relief.


Isotoner Therapeutic Compression Gloves are designed without stitching over the knuckles to reduce irritating pressure that can result from grasping or making a clenched fist with household activities. They're latex-free and very thin for all-day comfort. Choose between Isotoner fingerless therapeutic compression gloves and full finger variety to suit your preference.


Isotoner Therapeutic Glove Features:

  • Provides 23 to 32mm Hg pressure for even compression
  • Two styles available - fingerless or full finger: Fingerless (open fingertip) is good for active hands, whereas full finger is ideal for retaining heat during cold seasons
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Provides moderate compression that eases pain and swelling
  • Wrist cuff is tapered open for easy on and off
  • Seams are on the outside to reduce any stress on the hand
  • Perfect for hot or cold weather
  • Unisex. Sold in pairs
  • Color: Camel
  • Four sizes - See Size & Fit tab for size chart and measurement/fit help

Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves are commonly used to treat:

  • Arthritic hands
  • Swollen or aching hands
  • Repetitive motion
  • Hand-related injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel symptoms