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Hely Weber Tiny Cast Away Splint #5612

Hely & Weber SKU: 5612
$136.99 $123.89
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Hely Weber Tiny Cast Away Splint #5612

$136.99 $123.89

Hely Weber Tiny Cast Away #5612 includes dual rod stays to provide superior rigidity and support while remaining low profile. Memory foam olecranon pad  provides comfort and support to prevent any pressure or irritation to vulnerable areas.  The versatile strapping system allows for customized fit and comfort. The ight-weight low-profile design promotes compliance improving clinical outcomes. Simple application promotes good hygiene/skin care and eliminates cast complications and cast saw anxiety. Ideally suited for use as a Supracondylar fracture splint, a Radial head fracture splint, a Radial neck fracture splint, an Olecranon fracture splint, Occult fracture treatment elbow, or as a elbow dislocation splint.

Hely Weber Tiny Cast Away Features:

  • Dual rod stays.
  • Memory foam olecranon pad.
  • Versatile strapping system.
  • Light-weight, low-profile design.
  • Simple application.
  • Available in 3 sizes, right/left ambidextrous reducing inventory needs.

Recomended Manufacturer HCPC:

L3980 (Humeral Fracture) I.E. Epicondylar Fracture

L3982 (Radius/Ulna Fracture) I.E. Olecranon Fracture

L3762 (EO, Rigid Prefabricated) I.E. Dislocation, Sprain



The Hely Weber Tiny Cast Away may be used for:

  • Stable supracondylar fracture.
  • Stable epicondylar fracture.
  • Stable radial head/neck fracture.
  • Stable olecranon fracture.
  • Occult fracture.
  • Elbow dislocation.
  • Elbow strain/sprain

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