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Hely Weber Neoprene Wristlet #3814

Hely & Weber SKU: HW3814
$22.99 $19.79
4126 sold

Short Description

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT - See recommended substitutions at bottom of this product page. Provides adjustable wrist support and compressions. Two-sided nylon facing over neoprene for enhanced durability. Mimics wrist taping yet easier to apply. One size fits all styling.

The Hely Weber Neoprene Wristlet #3814 is a highly effective universally-sized wrist brace that duplicates the feel of athletic wrist taping. The simple wraparound design allows uses the ability to adjust the fit easily and quickly.   It features two-sided nylon covering for enhanced comfort against your skin and increased durability for everyday and athletic use.  It supplies warmth and compression right around your wrist with a low-profile design that's also very popular.  The neoprene wristlet is well suited for wrist strains, sprains, and general support for the athletic field or at work.

Hely Weber Neoprene Wristlet Features:

  • Nylon two-sided construction for great durability and enhanced softness against your skin.
  • Can be trimmed throughout the palm area if a more lower profile fit for athletics is required.
  • One size fits all styling.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Replicates wrist taping.
  • Versatile wraparound design for home, work, or athletic use.

 Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3909.

The Hely Weber Neoprene Wristlet is indicated for:

  • General wrist support and protection.
  • Wrist strains.