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Hely Weber Hinged Patella Stabilizer Inferior U Tubular Buttress #3641H, 3741H

Hely & Weber SKU: 3641H/3741H
$80.99 $78.55
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Short Description

  • Hinged design provides medial/lateral ligament support.
  • Inferior U shaped buttress stabilizes the patella.
  • Nylon covered neoprene design for durability.
  • Covered hinges for a sleek look.


Hely Weber Hinged Patella Stabilizer Inferior U Tubular Buttress #3641H, 3741H

$80.99 $78.55

The Hely Weber Hinged Patella Stabilizer- Inferior U Tubular Buttress #3641H, 3741H provides patella support along with hinges on the sides for added knee protection.  The brace features neoprene construction along with a stitched in U shaped tubular buttress that's designed to stabilize your patella and provide pain relief from a variety of conditions resulting in patellofemoral pain.  The 13" neoprene brace fits both short and tall individuals and features a material-covered hinge bar look for a sleek design. The Hely Weber Hinged Patella Stabilizer - Inferior U Tubular Buttress #3641H and 3741H features old world mauser stitching with melco tape over the seams for greater durability and a non-irritating seam design that both physicians and patients appreciate.  Basically, this brace is designed to last longer with daily use compared to other comparable brands.  A Nylon covering has been applied to this model to enhance its durability and comfort as well.  The brace is offered in two designs: the 3641H open popliteal, pull-up version has an oval cutout behind the back of the knee (what is termed the popliteal space) to reduce bunching during deep bending of the knee, or a 3741H closed popliteal, pull-up model where the material has been left in the back behind the knee joint.  This patella stabilizer is well suited for treating patellofemoral pain, tendonitis, chondromalcia, patella arthrosis, and more.

Hely Weber Hinged Patella Stabilizer- Inferior U Tubular Buttress #3641H, 3741H Features:

  • 13" long patella brace.
  • Made out of 1/8" nylon covered neoprene for compression around the patello-femoral joint and rest of the knee.
  • Straps above and below for additional compression and a better fit.
  • Wide bi-axial hinges provide additional medial/lateral ligament protection for the Medial collateral and Lateral collateral ligaments on the inner/outer aspects of the knee joint.
  • Neoprene hinge cover allows full sports participation by covering the entire brace hinge.
  • U shaped tubular buttress cups around the bottom and sides of the patella to provide control throughout full movement of patellofemoral joint.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in six sizes to fit everyone - see sizing chart tab.

 Available Versions:  Use the information below to order the 3641H or 3741H version from above:

  • With Pop Cutout (model 3641H):  Includes an oval cutout behind the knee to reduce bunching up.
  • Closed Popliteal (model 3741H):  DISCONTINUED

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1820

  • Patellofemoral knee pain.
  • Patellar tendonitis.
  • Patella chondromalacia.
  • Patella baja.
  • Patella subluxation/dislocation.
  • Medial collateral ligament sprains, lateral collateral ligament sprains.
  • General prophylactic protection of the knee joint.


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