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Hely Weber Axis Hinged Knee Sleeve/Brace #3655

Hely & Weber SKU: 3655
$73.99 $64.53
12447 sold

Short Description

  • Provides patella support and ligament/hyperextension protection.
  • Covered hinges for full sports participation.
  • Pull-up loops for easier fitting.
  • Double sided nylon coverings for enhanced durability.

Hely Weber Axis Hinged Knee Sleeve/Brace #3655

$73.99 $64.53

The Hely & Weber Axis Hinged Knee Sleeve #3655 helps provide effective knee ligament protection.  1/8” neoprene with 2-sided nylon outer covering provides warmth and compression during activity. The hinged knee sleeve features pull-up loops for easy application, and removable hinges with hyperextension stops for preventing hyperextension knee injuries.  The hinges are designed to replicate your knee joint's motion to reduce brace slippage down the leg during aggressive athletic movement.  The #3655 Axis Hinged Knee Sleeve features covered hinges to allow full sports participation, and an open back design for comfort. The Hely Weber Axis Hinged Knee Sleeve is a great brace for daily use, sports participation, and common knee strains.

Hely & Weber Axis Hinged Knee Sleeve #3655 Features:

  • 2-sided nylon covering provides enhanced comfort and increased durability.
  • 1/8" thick neoprene material for durability.
  • Wide bi-axial hinges with hyperextension stops to prevent injuries.
  • Hinges can be removed for washing purposes.
  • Circular donut for enhanced compression around the kneecap.
  • Pull up loops aid in application/adjusting.
  • Covered hinges allow full sports participation.
  • Available in 3655 Open Popliteal (open back) only - 3755 Closed Popliteal (closed back) style has been discontinued.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in six sizes to fit every knee - please see sizing chart tab.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1812

The Hely & Weber Axis Hinged Knee Sleeve may be used to treat:

  • MCL/LCL sprains.
  • Hyperextension knee protection.
  • Patellofemoral joint symptoms.
  • Chondromalacia.
  • Tendonitis.