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Ossur Exoform Ankle Brace

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Short Description

  • Provides great support and ankle protection.
  • Available in standard and figure 8 strap versions.
  • Outer exoskeleton provides molded medial/lateral ankle control.
  • A favorite of physicians and athletes.

Ossur Exoform Ankle Brace


The Ossur Exoform Ankle Brace combines the best features of a stirrup design with a lace-up system for enhanced stability. It molds comfortably to your ankle anatomy to provide protection and comfort at the same time. The Exoform ankle brace has an outer felexible shell that's built directly into the fabric to provide added medial - lateral support with activity. The brace conforms to the shape of the joint, and minimizes inversion and eversion motion without restricting normal plantar and dorsi-flexion ankle movement. The Exoform ankle brace is available in two versions: a Standard version without any figure 8 straps or "with straps" to provide additional figure-8 protection.  The brace is well suited for treating current ankle sprains or for preventing ankle rollover injuries with athletics.

Exoform Ankle Brace Benefits:

  • The compression and comfort of a soft ankle with 20% more protection than a stirrup.
  • Allows for normal ankle motion with all activities and sports.
  • Constructed of highly breathable, quick drying fabric.
  • Exoform ankle brace has an advanced design with figure eight straps that provides the compression and comfort of a soft ankle with 35% more protection then traditional stirrups - Results based on in-house testing for the Exoform with figure 8 straps.
  • The strongest and the most supportive ankle brace manufactured today.
  • Figure-8 heel lock strapping performs consistently unlike taping that stretches over time.
  • Available in five sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.

Available Versions:

  • Standard - Does not include figure 8 straps; just has quicker lacing style laces.
  • With Straps - includes figure 8 straps for added support and protection.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1906

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  • Mild to moderate ankle sprains and strains (grade I and II).
  • Support after removal of cast.
  • Chronic ankle instability.
  • Prophylactic athletic protection.