Donjoy SI Joint Belt

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Donjoy SI Joint Belt
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Donjoy's SI joint belt provides sacroilliac compression and stabilization to help receive sciatica back pain.
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The Donjoy SI Joint Belt provides stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joint through direct compression. It features one of the lowest profile designs available and uses silicone grip strips to prevent the brace from migrating. It features a compression pulley system that is capable of producing more compression than lower quality belt designs.  The pulley system in the back allows the user to customize the tension from the Donjoy SI belt for more effective treatment.  The lacer design compression system is the unique feature of the product. The system utilizes a multiple tear-drop channel design in conjunction with a high-tension harness cord and one simple pull strap to effectively tighten the orthosis with minimal exertion, strength, grasp and body motion by the patient.  Patients appreciate its breathable mesh design that provides pain relief while walking, sitting, or standing.  It features nylon mesh material for greater breathability and durability as well.  The rear pulley panels are both low profile and can be worn underneath clothing for long periods of use.  The product is routinely used by physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists for the treatment of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Donjoy SI Joint Belt Features:

  • Rear pulley system generates more compression than older style belt designs for more effective treatment.
  • Compression side panels provide fully adjustable support.
  • Breathable "spacer"  fabric liner provides enhanced comfort and allows airflow.
  • Anti-migration strips prevent slippage.
  • Three sizes available based on hip circumference measurements.
  • Provides stability of the SI joint.
  • Reduces strain on ligaments and decreases pain/swelling.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0626

  • Pain around the sacrum region.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Measure the circumference around the bony outward-pointing aspect of your hip (not the top of the hip bone/pelvis)


donjoy si joint belt sizing chart


 Size  Part Number
S (25 - 35 inches)  11-1571-3
M/L  (35 - 55 inches)  11-1571-4


  •  Nylon mesh material used in the product's construction.
Slides Around Your Hips
I must be too wide in the hips because this belt keeps sliding out of place when I go to sit down. It does provide relief but I think I need a wider belt to have it stay in place better. Otherwise it's pretty good.
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Really Thin and Short
This is the shortest height belt I could find online that had a good design and a pulley. It does a good job on the compression. Fits my wide hips perfectly.
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Stays In Place
I've used some others like the Serola and found this one to be better quality. It cinches up and provides better overall compression. It stays in place when I'm walking around which tends to be everyone's main complaint about si belts.
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Very good
Like the product. Seems to help. I'm not having as much pain now when i try to stand up or sit down in chairs which used to cause the shooting pain around my SI area.
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