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Donjoy Armor FourcePoint Knee Brace

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Donjoy Armor FourcePoint Knee Brace
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Donjoy's Armor Fourcepoint is a protective knee brace that helps keep athletes and patients out of the at-risk position for suffering ACL injuries; Four-Points of Leverage design.
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The Donjoy Armor Fourcepoint Knee Brace delivers an indestructible shield of proven protection and uncompromised strength giving athletes the confidence to go all out, guaranteed. Indestructible Protection! Athletes involved with contact/extreme sports demand a knee brace that provides uncompromised strength with a shield of injury protection allowing them to go all out. The NEW Armor FourcePoint fits their needs by keeping the knee out of the "at risk" position for an ACL injury. The steel reinforced hinge plate delivers additional strength while the low profile FourcePoint hinge and internally mounted straps promote bilateral use that won't impede performance. The Armor FourcePoint provides the strongest prefabricated solution to protect athletes who dare to challenge their own boundaries. Ideal for contact (football) and extreme sports.

The Donjoy Armor Fourcepoint's hinge box design gently resists extension keeping the athlete's knee slightly bent vs. the Donjoy Armor with Standard Hinge allows for unrestricted extension of the knee during running and cutting.


Donjoy Armor Fourcepoint Knee Brace Hinge


Donjoy Armor Foucepoint Knee Brace Features:

  • Backed by DonJoy's Knee Guarantee Program™, an industry first for prefabricated bracing.
  • 1-year warranty on frame and hinges; 6 months on straps/liners.
  • Clinically-proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System™.
  • Swooping thigh cuff for inner thigh clearance and bilateral brace use.
  • Strong aircraft grade aluminum frame (0.125" thick).
  • Patented clinically-proven FourcePoint hinge technology (stop kit not included).
  • ACL, PCL, or Combined Instability (CI) strap configurations.
  • Standard or short frames available.
  • Lopro FourcePoint hinge provides added ligament protection during the last 25 degrees of extension. Can be easily adjusted and disengaged altogether to function like a Standard hinge if desired.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent at or near the "at risk" position of 25 - 0 degrees full extension where the greatest amount of stress is placed on the ACL.
  • T6061 aluminum frame for lightweight strength and durability.
  • Available in 7 seven sizes - See sizing chart tab for measurement/fit help.

Donjoy Armor FourcePoint Knee Brace Options:

  • Length: Choose Standard for people 5'6" and taller or Short for individuals 5'5" and shorter;
  • Version: Choose ACL - strapping as pictured above.
  • Model: Choose Action.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1845 or L1852 (ACL)


The Donjoy Armor FourcePoint Knee Brace can be used for:

  • ACL injuries and instabilities.
  • ACL reconstruction recovery.
  • Non-contact and contact sports protection.
  • NOT&recommended for PCL injuries or instabilities.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Watch our Measurement/Fitting video and then measure your thigh, knee center, and calf circumference for the correct size.


donjoy armor fourcepoint knee brace sizing


 Size  Thigh Circumference  Knee Center Circumference  Calf Circumference
 XSmall  13"-15 1/2"  12"-13"  10"-12
 Small  15 1/2"-18 1/2"  13"-14"  12"-14"
 Medium  18 1/2"-21"  14"-15  14"-16"
 Large  21"-23 1/2"  15"-17  16"-18"
 XLarge  23 1/2"-26 1/2"  17"-19  18"-20"
 2XLarge  26 1/2"-29 1/2"  19"-21"  20"-22"
 3XLarge  29 1/2"-32"  21"-23"  22"-24"

FourcePoint Hinge Plus Four Points of Leverage Design for Knee Injury Protection:

Donjoy Forcepoint Hinge


Brace is solid and fulfills intended function
DME-Direct shipped quickly and the brace is great for supporting the knee for skiing after ACL repair.
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Service like a blockbuster movie trailer...
10 out of 5 stars. Exceptional. You won’t be disappointed. DME-DIrect will surpass any expectations you may have. Yep it’s like that. For real. I placed a basic order and after chatting online decided on the DonJoy Armor FourcePoint XL a for left and right knees. The product arrived the next day, packaged perfectly. After trying them on, I realized the measurements we took were lower on the leg then directed. I reached out to DME-DIRECT for support in ordering the next size up. They answered the phone promptly and 100% put my mind at ease and quickly helped me place a new order and provided the return instructions. Highly recommend these guys. You won’t be disappointed!!

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Exactly what I needed
Needing to replace one of two knee braces, I searched online to find DME Direct and found exactly what I needed. I had a short window for delivery and wanted to make sure I picked the right options so I called DME directly and found them to be extremely helpful, helped me understand sizing options and match the brace I was replacing exactly. They also helped explain shipping and time-frames. We got exactly what we needed on time for a Friday night high school game. Couldn't have gone smoother or better.
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Brace is great, included everything
I purchased this brace because it's adjustable and provides better protection against knee injuries. I ordered the size Large and it fit perfectly. Very happy with the fit and performance and can't wait to use it for snowboarding this season.
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Very professional service
Great product and good prices. Ordered two and they arrived in 3 days - very fast.
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Great brace for HS OL
Wore this brace 2 years on varsity (got an Xlarge this year for my senior year) and kept my knees healthy. There were a few close calls getting rolled on and if I wasn’t wearing these, I’d be finished!
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Ski After ACL replaced
Finally had enough snow on the mountain to try this brace out. Wore it all day, Took one tumble on thick snow. The brace was comfortable, did its job, felt the support when turning. The one big thing is really learning how to properly put it on and adjust the straps. It makes a big difference if you do not follow the correct sequence when adjusting the straps. I also found that not having all the velcro and straps attached to each other in storage makes for a real mess when you sit down at the lodge and prepare to put it on.
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DME Direct is the best out there! Customer service awesome! Representative answered questions and really had product knowledge. Very pleased!
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Donjoy knee braces for my son
My son is an OL football player and got rolled up on in a game. The doctor recommended braces and after research we knew Donjoy braces were the best. After research we saw that DME Direct had the best price and had good reviews. We ordered and needed them in two days...I was nervous, but we got them in time for Friday night. Thanks DME Direct!
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Q&A for Donjoy Armor FourcePoint Knee Brace

  • From Todd Ebersley
    • Q: Can I use it while playing soccer?
    • A: Yes, it can be used for soccer and is often prescribed by doctors for this reason. You may have to cover it up while playing - we have brace covers as an easy fix for this issue.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Marty Jones
    • Q: How do I choose the right size?
    • A: Use our sizing chart and your three circumference measurements to determine the correct size brace.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Brad S.
    • Q: Can the fourcepoint hinge be adjutsed?
    • A: Yes, the fourcepoint hinge can be adjusted on the Armor to provide more or less resistance.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From B. Davis
    • Q: Our son has a partial tear of his ACL and he's decided to have surgery after football season ends. The doctor said he can play this season as long as he's braced. What brace do you recommend?
    • A: The Armor with Fourcepoint hinge is ideally suited for your son's injury. The Fourcepoint hinged is designed to reduce stress on the ACL ligament when he is running or cutting. The Armor also has thicker aluminum compared to to other Donjoy off-the-shelf braces for maximum impact protection.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Camile Ontego
    • Q: I need to get a new brace to replace our current one but can't find on the brace where it has the size. Where is the size shown on the brace?
    • A: Simply remove the thigh liner on your brace to locate the size of your brace. You'll see white letters there on the back to indicate the size of your brace.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From T Bradford
    • Q: I'm trying to figure out what size brace I need. My measurements are: Thigh 24", knee center 16 1/2", and the calf is 17 1/2". It looks like I am in between the Large and the XLarge. What size is right for me?
    • A: According to your measurements we would recommend a size Large for your knee.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Michael
    • Q: I have two meniscus tears inside my knee, one on both sides. I get knee pain with just working out at the gym or with walking on a treadmill. I need a brace that will provide enough support and help relieve the pain. The doctor said I also have mild arthritis. What do you recommend?
    • A: The Donjoy Armor Knee Brace with Fourcepoint Hinge will be very supportive and provide protection for the meniscus tear(s). If you have osteoarthritis starting you may want to consider getting an unloader like our Donjoy OA Adjuster to help.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Giselle
    • Q: My daughter plays high school and team volleyball. The team volleyball has her practicing in the sand so she gets a lot of sand inside her brace. What is the best way to clean it to get all of the sand out of her brace?
    • A: It's best to rinse your Donjoy Armor knee brace with fresh water completely to get all of the debris out of the hinges. Then, let it air dry.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Heather K.
    • Q: I'm only 5'4" tall and need a brace the will not be too long on my leg. Should I get the Short calf version or do you have any other recommendations?
    • A: The 4Titude is the shortest brace available at 14" in length whereas the Armor with the Short Calf version is 15" in length. You may want to consider getting the 4Titude instead for a better fit.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Steve17
    • Q: I play soccer and currently use the armor knee brace with fourcepoint hinge, but it slides down when I'm running on the soccer field. How can I prevent it from sliding down my leg?
    • A: First, you want to make sure that it fits properly. The pads on the sides of the knee should feel snug right up against the skin. If there's space or it doesn't feel snug enough, then you can purchase a condyle pad kit from us to take up any extra space. We also have a neoprene suspension strap kit that helps pinch the brace against your leg which will also help prevent the brace from sliding down your leg.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Eduardo
    • Q: I need a brace because I tore my ACL. I still want to play recreational soccer if it's possible. Which brace do you recommend?
    • A: You need a good brace to protect your knee and the Don Joy Armor with Fourcepoint is a good choice. It's one of our most popular off the shelf knee braces. The fourcepoint hinge will help protect you from injuring your knee further.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From CandianGeorge
    • Q: I live here in Canada and want to purchase the Armor brace with fourcepoint hinge. Can I order it from your website and have it shipped to my Canadian address?
    • A: Yes, you can order it from the DME-Direct website and have it delivered to your address.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Andrew Berofski
    • Q: I'm a skier and also like to play in my adult softball league. I tore my ACL 12 months ago and had surgery. Now I'm looking at all the different braces available trying to decide on a brace that would give me the best protection.
    • A: The best in the Donjoy line of braces is the Defiance knee brace because we make it according to the shape of your knee. The Don Joy Armor with Fourcepoint Hinge would be Donjoy's best off-the-shelf option for a sized knee brace. Both braces can be ordered with a Short Calf so that they will fit in your ski boot, as well as, provide enough support and protection while playing softball. The Defiance has a lifetime guarantee on the frame and hinges and the Armor has a 1 year warranty.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Jason
    • Q: I'm a guard on my high school football team and a junior that is still growing so I might need to get a new brace each year? Are there discounts if I return r trade up for a bigger size? I need to get new braces this year for my ACL, MCL, meniscus injury. My knee measurements are thigh 20", knee center 15", and calf 15". What do you suggest?
    • A: Our custom Defiance is the only Donjoy model that can be remade for a different size for a reduced cost. You would fit into a Medium off-the-shelf Armor.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Ashley
    • Q: The thigh portion of the brace looks different on the inside versus the outside. Is there a difference?
    • A: The inside portion of the frame is swooping down to allow for more comfort for the quadriceps muscles. The outside of the frame comes straight across with a hard angle to descend down the leg.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Jackson H
    • Q: My daughter tore her ACL in one knee while playing competitive soccer. Her doctor has now released her to going back to practice and compete 9 months later. Should we get one or two braces to have a second to protect her opposite knee?
    • A: Wearing just one brace on the reconstructed knee will help her train and compete while staying out of the "at risk" position on both knees. Wearing a brace with the fourcepoint hinge on either leg will help prevent reinjury.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Adrian Garza
    • Q: I'm a post-op ACL surgery patient looking at getting either a Defiance III or an Armor so I don't tear it again. If I'm going to use the brace for motcross and snowboarding which brace do you recommend? Which brace is lighter and does the Defiance III provide more support for your knee?
    • A: Both braces are designed to help you prevent re-tearing your ACL and both are roughly the same weight. The Defiance II is custom-made out of carbon fiber and the Armor is an Aluminum frame that is "patient-ready" for immediate fitting to a wide range of patients and athletes.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From T. Magzhanov
    • Q: Will this brace limit my knee if I'm performing squats in a gym or down in a catcher's position?
    • A: The Armor and Armor Fourcepoint will not limit or restrict knee motion at all.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Franklin Bissel
    • Q: I tore my ACL while surfing and now I am starting to return to surfing again competitively, so which brace is best for me to not retear it again? I want to be able to shoot the waves without any discomfort.
    • A: The Donjoy Armor Fourecpoint style hinge would be the best while surfing. The brace's hinge will help provide support and prevent a re-tear of the ACL and the aluminum frame will provide support and protection for any type of contact sport.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Christy
    • Q: I love to play soccer and lacrosse and occasionally snowboarding. Would the Armor knee brace with fourcepoint hinge in a standard length interfere with the top of my tall snowboard boots or should I get the Short Calf? Do they provide the same support or would I have less support with the shorter calf?
    • A: There's just a 1-inch difference between the two brace lengths so we would recommend you get the Short Calf. Both versions provide the same support - no difference.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Tom44
    • Q: I am looking at buying either the Fullforce or the Armor which look like they are about the same price. What is the difference between the two braces?
    • A: The Armor has thicker aluminum which makes it better suited for contacts sports protection. The FullForce has thinner aluminum and can be bent easier in order to fit someone who might be in between sizes.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Jessy B
    • Q: I had surgery to repair my ACL and my patellar tendon 10 months ago. I'm finishing my rehab and just started running without problems. I want to return back to contact sports like soccer and wakeboarding but need a brace to help with my patellar reconstruction also. The doctor recommended the Donjoy Armor with force point hinge for me. Can I use this brace in saltwater? And how can I reduce the strain on my kneecap?
    • A: The Donjoy Armor will provide protection for the knee joint and will prevent injury to the ACL when you return to your sport(s). To provide support for your patella tendon you would need to add the Tru-Pull Advanced Attachment to your brace order. This is an adjustable attachment that helps control and support the patella during sports activity.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From M. Russell
    • Q: I had meniscus and ACL surgery 8 months ago and I'm getting ready to return to soccer. I need a brace that is comfortable, will help me feel confident, and prevent reinjury out on the field. Suggestions?
    • A: The Donjoy Armor with the fourcepoint hinge will provide great support for your knee. It's the strongest frame out of all the Donjoy braces and will provide contact protection when you return to practicing and playing soccer.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Brett
    • Q: I'm trying to get back to skiing and soccer. Is the Ski Armor still available? Or should I just order the Armor with the Short Calf?
    • A: You will want to order the Donjoy Armor with the fourcepoint hinge with ACL version in the short calf length.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Jorge B.
    • Q: I hurt my knee playing soccer and had a Fulkerson osteotomy surgery on my kneecap area to provide patellar stabilization. I don't want to hurt my knee again when I return to playing soccer. Which brace would recommend for my severe knee injury?
    • A: The Donjoy Armor with Fourcepoint hinge is highly recommended to support the knee during soccer and prevent a reinjury. The brace's hinge will help retrain your knee to stay out of the "at risk" position and prevent further injuries from happening.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Shirley Winaka
    • Q: I just took my measurements for my leg and they are right on the borderline between a Small and the Medium. My measurements are thigh 18 1/2" - 19", knee center 13 1/2", and calf 13 1/2" Which size should get so that it fits correctly/
    • A: We suggest you order the Small. The Medium would be too big around your thigh.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

  • From Jonathan Rodriguez
    • Q: What comes included with the knee brace? and I had a meniscus tear, it’s healed but im still afraid of injuring it again, since i played a whole season in football without a knee brace to help support my knee so im wondering if this knee brace is the correct choice for me, I’m currently playing football in a mexican university so do you guys also offer shipping over here?
    • A: The Donjoy Armor FourcePoint is designed to maximum support and injury protection for all types of sports. Each brace order includes an Armor FourcePoint brace and a mesh brace bag. We offer worldwide shipping on all our bracing products.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

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