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DME-Direct TENS Electrode Pads

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Short Description

  • Provides higher level of conductance.
  • High quality adhesive gel used.
  • Longer copper lead wire for no electrode "hot spots."
  • Suitable for any type of device.

DME-Direct TENS Electrode Pads are high quality electrodes comprised of the best materials and most advanced processes. Suitable for TENS, IF, EMS and FES products, these electrodes offer superior conductivity and uniform current dispersion. Bottom line: you should not have to turn up the intensity knob(s) on your device as much when using these electrodes - they're that good!  The current is sent throughout the entire electrode pad surface, thus eliminating "hot spots” which are sometimes found in lesser quality TENS electrode pads. The pads also feature extra long copper lead wires with dispersive heads - the longer length helps to prevent the wire from pulling out of the electrode. The durable gel backing allows these pads to be reused.

TENS Electrode Pads Features:

  • Higher quality materials used for greater conductance.
  • Longer copper wire inserted into the pad surface - eliminates hot spots.
  • Standard 2x2" size.
  • Top coat - white spunlace material.
  • Reusable.
  • Durable adhesive gel backing.
  • Fits all portable models.

We're always asked if they last a long time.  Below, we've listed the number three factors that will shorten the lifespan of any type of TENS electrode pads:

1) Not cleaning the skin where the electrode is going to be placed  - natural oils will cause the adhesive to loose its effectiveness faster.

2) Using lotions - will cause the adhesive to loose its effectiveness faster.

3) Leaving the electrodes out instead of applying them back to their clear plastic film and sealing them back up in their original plastic sleeve - will cause the adhesive to loose its effectiveness faster.

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