DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Knee Splint

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DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Knee Splint
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  • Treats both flexion and extension knee contractures.
  • Simple to fit, simple to adjust.
  • Dynamic splint permanently stretches soft tissues.
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The DeRoyal DeRom Dynamic Knee Splint takes the guess work out of finding the right type of product for treating flexion or extension knee contractures and scar tissue resulting from surgery.  Dynamic splinting utilizes the method or modality of low load prolonged stretching (LLPS). This involves applying a low amount of force to the affected joint for a prolonged period of time with little or no discomfort to the patient. The result is a permanent stretch of the soft tissue and permanent restoration of the joint’s ROM.

The DeRom Dynamic Knee Splint features a unique hinge that allows the user to control both the direction of stretch and amount of tension supplied to the joint.  It features Velfoam softgoods that are both comfortable against your skin and supportive.  They attach to bilateral aluminum hinge bars on the sides and can be adjusted for a secure fit around your thigh and leg.  The DeRoyal DeRom  Dynamic Knee Splint comes with a simple tool for adjusting the amount of tension from the hinge for both comfort and compliance.  The tool is used to increase/decrease the amount of desired tension.  The splint also features an integrated tension release lever to disengage the spring mechanism altogether.  One splint that treats both flexion and extension contractures - the DeRoyal DeRom Dynamic Knee Splint simplifies the clinician's treatment approach!

Size Thigh Circumference Product #
C 12” - 18” 4209C
D 18” - 27” 4209D
*See Sizing Chart tab for measurement instructions.

DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Knee Splint Features: 

  • Dynamic splint provides low load prolonged stretch to soft tissue to help restore joint’s ROM.
  • Aircraft quality aluminum frame is strong yet lightweight.
  • Flexion and extension assist in one unit.
  • Easy to set and release tension with integrated adjustment tool and tension release lever
  • Replaceable soft foam thigh and calf cuffs for patient comfort
  • Constant force spring provides even tension throughout  the joint's range of motion.
  • Malleable cuffs for a customized fit.
  • Adjustable soft-foam softgoods on the knee.
  • Tension Limiting Control (TLC) knob prohibits excessive force
  • Fits right or left leg. 
  • Treats both flexion or extension contractures with one device.
  • Available for order with an extra set of soft goods (additional cost).

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: E1810.


The DeRoyal DeRom Dynamic Knee Splint may be used to treat:

  • Joint stiffness of the knee.
  • Knee flexion and extension contractures.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Knee Splint


  •  Velfoam standard foam material.
  • Aluminum hinge bar construction.


The DeRoyal DeROM® Dynamic Knee Splint should not be used ifany of the following conditions exist: Severe spasticity, severe osteoporosis, phlebitis or thrombophlebitis. Diabetes requires frequent skin checks. If pain, numbness, swelling, or skin irritation occurs while wearing the orthosis, it should be removed. The patient should be reevaluated and appropriate adjustments made.

Knee is "normal" now
I had a knee contracture and my leg was so stiff that I was walking with a bit of a limp. My PT tried to loosen it up with exercises and manual manipulations, but it just wasn't happening. When I went back to my doctor, he decided that the DEROM was the best course of action - or else he'd have to cut into the knee again! I was afraid that the brace would be painful but it wasn't. Basically I had to wear it for extended periods of time to "stretch" my muscles and teach them how to work again. I was able to use this in bed (even when sleeping). The happy ending: I am now moving my leg "normally" again and its not stiff or bent. Great device - I have now donated my used one to the VA hospital and they were thankful to have it.

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