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DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Elbow Splint

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DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Elbow Splint
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DeRoyal's DeROM Elbow Splint treats both flexion and extension contractures. Easy to adjust dynamic splint. Patient controlled hinge tension is fully adjustable.


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The DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Elbow Splint is our most popular model specifically designed to treat both flexion AND extension contractures - all in one simple to use product.  This model works by applying a low load, prolonged stretch to the soft tissues surrounding the joint to improve stiffness and restore elbow range of motion. The dynamic elbow splint uses an adjustment tool to increase/decrease the amount tension in the hinge's spring mechanism, while the forearm cuff can telescope outward to accommodate to the length of anyone's forearm. The malleable softgoods produce a custom fit for enhanced comfort.  The device's ROM limiters can be set at specific angles which allow it to be used as a static progressive splint. This dynamic elbow splint is intended for use with multiple patients with its replaceable foam liners. The DeRoyal DeRom Dynamic Elbow Splint is one of the most effective and versatile products for use in treating both flexion and extension contractures in your elbow.

Size Biceps Circumference Product # Right Product # Left
C 9” - 12” 4229CR 4229CL
D 12” + 4229DR 4229DL
*See Sizing Chart tab for measurement instructions.

DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Elbow Splint Features:

  • Dynamic splint provides low load prolonged stretch to soft tissue to restore joint’s ROM.
  • Flexion and extension assist in a single unit.
  • Quick-straps allow for easy application and removal.
  • Dynamic elbow splint can be set to increase elbow flexion or extension-all in one unit.
  • Easy to set and release tension with integrated adjustment tool and tension release lever that backs off all the resistance all at once.
  • ROM limiters allow it to be used as a static progressive splint.
  • Malleable, replaceable, softgoods for a comfortable custom fit around the biceps and the forearm.
  • Extra softgoods available for purchase (additional cost).

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: E1800


The DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Elbow Splint amy be used to treat:

  • Loss of elbow extension and/or flexion range of motion.
  • Elbow joint stiffness.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Elbow Splint



  • Lightweight aluminum struts.


The DeROM® DeROM Dynamic Elbow Splint should not be used if any of the following conditions exist: Severe spasticity, severe osteoporosis, phlebitis or thrombophlebitis. Diabetes requires frequent skin checks. If pain, numbness, swelling, or skin irritation occurs while wearing the orthosis, it should be removed. The patient should be reevaluated and appropriate adjustments made.

Liking the DeROM
As your local PT, I just wanted everyone to know that a patient can actually purchase a Dynamic Range Of Motion brace. And I know DeRoyal has this not only for the elbow, but the wrist, knee, and ankle as well. I love this product because it is smaller, lighter, and more universal than other companies that I have seen with a similar (but inferior) product. The best part is if the patient doesn't have good insurance they can still buy one. I love the DEROM products! They can do both Flexion and Extension. They are mold-able and malleable for the patient, and lightweight.
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Q&A for DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Elbow Splint

  • From Be
    • Q: Is this item (Elbow Dynamic Splint) covered by Medicare insurance or by secondary insurance? How do you get exact measurements? Can it be returned? If yes, what is the timeframe?
    • A: Please check with Medicare and your secondary plan for insurance-related coverage questions. Check your measurements against of sizing chart for the appropriate size brace needed. Yes, it can be returned during our 30-day return period.
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