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Breg T Scope Elbow Premier Post-Op Brace

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Breg T Scope Elbow Premier Brace
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Breg's T Scope Elbow Premier Brace provides fixed or controlled range of motion for elbow and arm fractures.

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The Breg T Scope Elbow Premier Brace is ideal for fixed or controlled range of motion in the treatment of ligamentous injuries and stable fractures of the elbow/upper arm. This off-the-shelf brace incorporates the patented T-Scope hinge, telescoping struts and a drop-lock to prevent flexion and extension and any angle. Malleable aluminum bars can be manipulated to accommodate patient swelling and post-operative bandages. The drop lock allows the brace to be locked out at any angle with the push of a button. It's one of the best braces on the market for recovery following elbow reconstructions, stable elbow fractures, tendon repairs, and much more.

Breg T Scope Elbow Premier Brace Features:

  • T Scope Premier hinge offers extension adjustability between -10° and 110°, while flexion may be adjusted between -10° and 120° (ROM control in 10° increments).
  • Easy to use extension drop lock allows the brace to be locked out at any angle with the push of a button.
  • Available in Regular and Long versions for maximum customization of fit.
  • Lightweight - one of the lightest post-op elbow braces on the market.
  • Low profile design conforms to the arm for greater patient comfort.
  • Telescoping forearm and humeral bars allows brace to fit a wide range of patient anatomies.
  • Pads and straps can be trimmed.
  • Malleable struts can be contoured to fit varying arm sizes and shapes.
  • Detachable shoulder sling is included.
  • Optional Neutral hand accessory provides comfortable control to reduce pronation/supination
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in two lengths - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement information.
  • 13oz.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3760


The Breg T-Scope Elbow Premier Brace can be used for:

  • Treatment for stable elbow fractures, distal humerus or proximal radius or ulna in nature.
  • Recovery following tendon and ligament repairs (Tommy John surgery).
  • Biceps tendon repair procedures.
  • Collateral ligament reconstruction surgeries.
  • Preventing elbow hyperextension.  Note: not to be used for athletic purposes.
  • Control of elbow range of motion post surgery.
  • Tennis elbow release procedures.
  • Recovery after triceps tendon repair.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Measure the length from your elbow joint to your wrist to determine whether a regular or long size is needed.

breg t scope elbow

  • Made out of aluminum for lightweight strength along with comfortable foam used in the arm and forearm cuffs.
Breg T-Scope Post-Op Elbow Brace
Great product
Easy to set up and quick to put on and off. Light weight and not cumbersome.
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5 stars
This brace is easy to fit and very light weight. The service was excellent and quick shipping was perfect.
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Great quality
Not cheep, but you get what you pay for.
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Great service
Great service, fast shipping was excellent; We received the brace in two days as promised. Recommended.
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A truly wonderful product
The Breg T-scope premier arm brace is an amazingly comfortable and reliable product. I have been extremely happy with this brace. Dme-Direct offered a high quality product at an affordable price. I am super happy with their service and speedy order delivery.
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Works as described
I'm using this brace for a fracture I suffered near my elbow joint. The hinge is easy to set and with my doctor's guidance I have been slowly increasing my elbow extension. The hinge is very easy to adjust and the padding is very comfortable. I use mine 24 hours a day.
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Q&A for Breg T Scope Elbow Premier Post-Op Brace

  • From DCampbell
    • Q: I have the elbow brace and it has locked up on me. How can I release it?
    • A: Please refer to your doctor's office for assistance with adjusting/resetting the hinge on your T-Scope Elbow Premier brace.
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