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Breg Shoulder Abduction Pillow

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Breg Shoulder Abduction Pillow
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Breg's Shoulder Abduction Pillow provides comfort and positioning after large rotator cuff repairs. One size fits all; heavily padded neck piece. Perfect for day and night time use.


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The Breg Shoulder Abduction Pillow is designed for providing customized immobilization in whatever degree of abduction is preferred by the orthopedic surgeon.  The pillow can be inflated to provide anywhere from 10 - 75 degrees of abduction....or anywhere in between.  It features a heavily padded collar and fully adjustable pillow straps that can be modified for quick fitting.  The Breg Shoulder Abduction Pillow is primarily used following the repair of large sized rotator cuff tears.  By placing the shoulder in a greater position of abduction away from your body, the pillow is able to greatly reduce the tension on the repair and thus allow for satisfactory healing.  The product is perfect for use during the day and/or night, and can be easily hand washed for proper hygiene.  It fits any size individual and can be used on both the right and left sides.

Breg Shoulder Abduction Pillow Features:

  • Inflatable bladder for abduction - inflate for 10 - 75 degrees of abduction.
  • Provides immobilization and limits posterior shift of the shoulder.
  • One size for use with short and tall patients - simply adjust the bladder with air for the perfect fit.
  • Universal one size fits all.
  • Fits both left or right sides of the body.
  • Perfect for use after rotator cuff repairs.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3670


The Breg Shoulder Abduction Pillow can be used for:

  • Rotator cuff repairs.
  • Bankart repair procedures.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

One size fits all. Fits right or left.


 Neoprene and elastic free material.

Inflatable pillow is more sanitary
The doctors office suggested a stuffed abduction pillow brace, but I have all sorts of allergies (to dust, cats and other things) and the thought of all that stuffing in a shoulder pillow made me realize that it could have dust mites and all those other things that I'd like to avoid. Since this Breg Abduction Pillow is an inflatable pillow, I am worry-free - there will be no dust-mites!
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Larsen Clinic favors this
We've found this to be a nice abduction pillow for our patients. Unlike some of the bulky foam pillows out there that take up so much space in our supply area, we favor this inflatable brace. It doesn't take up all the storage space and even patients have commented that they can easily put it away (rather than throw it out!) after they no longer need to use it. You can manually blow the pillow up to the desired degree when it is being dispensed to the patient, and if it feels "too firm", then simply deflate it a tiny bit to suit the comfort of the person using it.
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