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Breg PTO High Performance Knee Brace

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Breg PTO High Performance Knee Brace
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  • Features high performance aluminum hinge bars over the standard PTO.
  • Provides dynamic control and stability for patellar dysfunction.
  • Available breathable Airmesh or Neoprene.
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The Breg PTO High Performance Knee Brace is the leading soft knee brace design for treating patellofemoral knee pain. Designed to be much more than a typical patella stabilizer, the High-Performance PTO incorporates the same unique design as the original PTO model along with stronger hinge bars for contact sports and sliding activities. It not only assists in normalizing patella tracking, but also controls knee hyperextension to enhance knee support.  The Breg PTO High Performance knee product features the patented Cawley PTO Tension Hinge which dynamically adjusts the amount of compression applied from the lateral pressure plate on the buttress according to the flexion angle of your knee.  As your knee moves into an extended position the plate and buttress work together to form a lateral "soft tissue wall" to control patella subluxation. The Breg PTO High Performance knee brace uses the same materials as found in the original version, yet has stiffer aluminum hinge bars than the regular design for increased strength. This additional hinge bar strength provides maximum performance/control for contact sports and sliding.  It is available in both neoprene or breathable Airmesh fabric.

Breg PTO High Performance Knee Brace Features:

  • Enhanced aluminum hinge bars provide maximum performance/control during contact sports/sliding activities. These hinge bars are stronger than those on the regular PTO.
  • Patented Cawley Tension Hinge - works to apply increasing control to the patella as the hinge bends.
  • Only brace on the market that works dynamically to stabilize the patella as patient strides through a normal walking/running motion.
  • Thigh strap and calf strap apply additional support to the brace.
  • Progressive compression of the lateral soft tissue (peak force reached at full extension).
  • The Breg PTO High Performance knee brace is lightweight with a low profile.
  • Available in neoprene or Airmesh - a latex free, lycra/polyester material.
  • Right/left specific.
  • Please see our sizing chart tab above for complete size measurement instructions.

Available Options:

Type: choose standard for full material behind the back of the knee, or open back for a popliteal oval cutout in the rear (reduces bunching up of material with deep bending of the knee).

Material: choose standard neoprene material or breathable polyester-based Airmesh material.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1820


The Breg PTO High Performance patellofemoral knee brace can be used to treat:

  • Mild chondromalacia and patella femoral syndrome.
  • Patella subluxation.
  • Patella dislocation.
  • Patella tendonitis.
  • Patella Alta.
  • Chronic patellar maltracking.
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (patella pain).
  • Post surgical lateral release.
  • Post surgical patellar realignment.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Breg PTO High Performance Knee Brace


About Airmesh

BREG's Airmesh® is a revolutionary, 3D, latex free, non-neoprene material, ideal for those who are allergic to neoprene as well as anyone desiring breathable support for extended daily use. 

The Breg High Performance PTO patella femoral knee brace (Airmesh) provides the following benefits:

  • Breathable.
  • Absorbs moisture, moving it away from the body, allowing for evaporation to occur through natural air circulation
  • Fast drying.
  • Polyester/nylon/Lycra blend.
  • Half the weight of neoprene.
  • Durable.
  • Latex free.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
Breg PTO High Performance Knee Brace
Great fit
Very comfortable and sturdy. Held my knee into place and was easier to walk in it with confidence.
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The Airmesh version Stretched out after 6 weeks
The airmesh stretched out after just 6 weeks. Not good. Had to exchange them for the neoprene instead. Then it worked out ok.
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Lighter material than my old neoprene braces. Does a good job.
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Five Stars
This is my second pair. I used these 2 years ago after I finished physical therapy. These braces work similarly to taping for the knees that I used to have done when I was rehabing in PT.
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Very happy with the fast service.
My doctor wanted to charge a lot more for the same brace. I got here after checking out other places online -best price I could find. Very happy with the fast delivery as well.
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I can finally run again
It's been a year since I dislocated my kneecap playing soccer. After I went to PT for for three months I was discharged with this knee brace. You can tighten the straps that hold the plastic buttress is place to prevent your kneecap from dislocating. It gets tighter when you bend your knee. I eneded up buying the airmesh styling because it gets hot in florida and this style breathes better in the humidity. I've had the brace for 7 months and it's held up well considering I use it 3x per week.
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Excellent brace
Excellent brace - probably won't find a better brace than this one for chondromalacia.
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DME is an outstanding provider. Our son suffers from an on-going dislocated knee-cap. We have purchased several braces from DME over the last year and appreciate their expertise and overall customer service. It is too early to tell about the BREG PTO brace but early feedback from our son is positive. He feels it is very helpful and we hope to avoid further injury while he plays high school volleyball.
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Great butteress and breathable
I've had chondromalacia for years in my knee and it's always bothered me when I go down stairs. I've basically worn out my knee with playing sports for 20 years. I use the Breg PTO High Performance all day long and it reduces my pain roughly 85%. For me that's really great since I don't have much cartilage left. I like the breathable Airmesh fabric because I don't get hot wearing like I used to experience with neoprene products. I also like the ability to adjust the tension on the buttress - less for when I don't hurt, and more on days when my knee hurts a lot.
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