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Breg DUO Knee Brace

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Short Description

Breg's DUO Knee Brace design provides dynamic arthritis offloading when standing bearing weight, and reduces force when sitting. Ideal for daily activity.

Breg DUO Knee Brace


The Breg DUO (Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis brace) is the only dual-upright dynamic OA brace on the market. Unlike traditional braces that apply a constant unloading effect, this brace creates a load across the joint when the knee is extended and reduces the load as the knee flexes. Thus, when the patient is bearing weight, the brace is actively unloading. The DUO reduces force when sitting, making it ideal for patients who need to wear a brace for daily activities.

The DUO is ideally suited for people with active lifestyles wanting support and pain relief from a dual-upright brace. The brace actively unloads the knee during the extension phase of walking or standing and gradually tapers as the knee is flexed during the swing-through phase during walking or while sitting. This makes the DUO OA knee brace is a great solution for everyday wear.

Breg DUO Knee Brace Features:

  • Dynamic style hinge applies loads when you need it most - in extension while walking
  • Easy to use incremental arm adjustments
  • Lightweight, low-profile frame for performance
  • Up to 16 degrees of correction can be applied
    of unloading correction
  • Unique strapping design minimizes migration
  • Suitable for all types of recreational activity
  • Right and left knee specific
  • 1-year product warranty on straps and pads; 3 years on the hinge/functionality
  • Six sizes - See Size & Fit tab for sizing chart and guidelines regarding measuring for standard vs. athletic calf versions
  • Off-the-shelf color: Black

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1845


How Does The Brace Work?

In extension, the hinge bar on the side of the affected compartment becomes longer while the opposite hinge bar can be shortened to create bowing in the frame. This creates three points of unloading force to the knee. The affected compartment is gently offloaded with each step.

Which DUO Knee Brace Version Is Right For Me?

You should choose the Medial type to treat a bowlegged (varus) look caused by medial compartment osteoarthritis, and you should choose a Lateral type to treat knock knees (valgus) look caused by lateral compartment osteoarthritis.

Breg DUO Knee Brace Skeleton


How Does The DUO OA Knee Brace Help:

The Bledsoe DUO knee brace is indicated for:

  • Moderate to severe medial and lateral unicompartmental OA, meniscal instabilities with ligamentous injuries
  • Provide aid with delaying future surgery such as an osteotomy or total joint replacement
  • Increase walking tolerance and endurance
  • Can slow down the progression of the degenerative deterioration inside the knee joint

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