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Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace

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Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace
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Breg's X2K Compact Elbow Brace prevents hyperextension injuries in contact sports; aircraft aluminum frame is malleable for a custom fit. Hinge provides flexion / extension control.

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The Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace provides maximum hyperextension protection for the elbow's medial and lateral ligament structures.  The brace features a lightweight aluminum frame design that's ideal for contact sports, and has an adjustable hinge for controlling both elbow flexion and extension movement if required. Internal condyle  pads are soft and cup the sides of the elbow joint for a secure, comfortable fit at all times.  An optional elbow cup is available that can be attached behind the elbow to add additional impact protection if needed.The Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace is designed to provide football and rugby players with the highest level of protection on the field, and is indicated for elbow dislocations, ligament instabilities, and returning to sports following ligament reconstruction.

Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace Features:

  • Tempered aircraft aluminum frame for high contact sport elbow protection.
  • Malleable in the field for a more custom fit.
  • Polycentric hinge design provides full range of motion control: Flexion stops: 45, 60, 75, 90 degrees.  Extension stops: 0, 10, 20, 30, 45 degrees.
  • Lightweight at 18oz.
  • Powdercoat finish for scratch protection.
  • Specific to the right or left elbow joint; not universal.
  • Available in seven sizes - please see our sizing chart tab for determining the correct size.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3700


The Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace may be used for treating the following:

  • Chronic elbow injury support.
  • Elbow hyperextension protection for high-contact sports.
  • Post traumatic elbow dislocations.
  • To control range of motion.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace

  •  Aluminum frame construction for lightweight strength.
Customer service above and beyond expected. Great Brace
I found DME Direct through a google search after looking at braces for my son's elbow, as he dislocated last year and is playing football this year. He had blown through two neoprene DonJoy elbow braces and needed something more robust -- "like the one JJ Watt wears." We settled on the Breg Compact X2K as it seemed better built than others.

As a quick review of the brace, it is very sturdy and seems to be working well. He's practiced once with it and will play in the game tonight with it. It is, in fact, the same brace as the Breg Compact X2K knee brace (for the opposite side) -- and that's where the customer service part of this review starts.

I searched the Breg site and was very confused by the fact that my 250 lb offensive lineman needed an XS brace in this version, but would fit the XL brace in the Breg Hex elbow brace. The Breg customer service people were of limited benefit as the lady said "that's right and I don't think I know of any being returned due to size problems." I then called a local brace company who was also concerned that their sizing chart was wrong. We contacted the representative for Texas who admitted he was new, but thought it was odd that the measurements on the sizing chart were so different. Eventually, I called DME Direct and the lady who answered the phone knew exactly what I was talking about and let me know the fact that it was actually the opposite knee brace which is why sizing matches quadricep and knee numbers. She was quick to work through that with me and got the brace in the mail that night so my 2 day shipping ended up being only one day. This level of customer service is simply excellent. I'm impressed and will use this company again.
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Great product.
Ordering process was eazy. Would recommend purchasing from DME-Direct.
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It works
I purchased this brace to play american football after my elbow was dislocated and I recommend the Compact X2K elbow for such contact sports. It`s comfortable, doesn't block any movements and if the fit is good; You can nearly forget that you are wearing it. I`m giving 5 stars - one of the hinges has loosen up a bit and it`s hard for me to service the brace, since I live in Poland.
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Q&A for Breg Compact X2K Elbow Brace

  • From William Liao
    • Q: Hello, I would like to ask about the sizing of this product. My bicep were 42cm approximately 16 inch, and my elbow was 31cm approximately 11.8inch. What will the recommended size be for me. Thank you.
    • A: We would recommend getting the size Small and using the filler pads that come with the brace to take up any extra space on the sides of the elbow joint.
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