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Bledsoe Lo-Top Boot

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Bledsoe Lo-Top Boot
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Bledsoe's Lo-Top Boot features a rocker bottom sole and a moldable aluminum boot shell to fit every patient; available in a fixed strut or with EZ Set hinge.

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Price: $213.00

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The Bledsoe Lo-Top Boot is designed to be a flexible and attractive alternative to casting lower leg and foot injuries.  It's a very popular model used for treating injuries from mid-tibia or fibula down to the mid-forefoot region including second and third degree ankle sprains.  It comes with a foam liner that is available in two lengths to suit every patient's comfort needs. The Bledsoe Lo-Top Boot is also available as a fixed strut design or with an EZ Set hinge for adjusting the range of motion at the ankle joint from 20 degrees of dorsi-flexion to 40 degrees of plantar-flexion in 10 degree increments.  The low rocker bottom sole reduces hip hiking while walking and provides a more comfortable solution than competitor's models.  To enhances comfort an optional heel/ankle air bladder can be ordered which improves comfort by taking up the extra space around the ankle/heel area for an amazing fit.  The product can be ordered with two styles of foam liners: 1) a bootie which extends down to the ends of your toes and 2) a cuff liner which stops around the middle of your forefoot.  Finally, the product features aluminum struts than can be bent and molded to patients with wider calves without snapping like less expensive varieties with plastic uprights.  The aluminum frame and side struts is a defining feature that separates this product from all of the other models out in the marketplace.  For a model that's designed to provide a higher quality fit and features higher quality materials, the Bledsoe Lo-Top Boot comes highly recommended.

Bledsoe Lo-Top Boot Features:

  • Aluminum boot shell and uprights can be molded to fit virtually any leg or ankle shape.
  • Low profile rocker bottom helps eliminate pelvic tilt and alleviate low back pain.
  • Fast, easy fitting saves time over complicated casting procedures.
  • Unique rocker bottom design allows patients to closely simulate a near normal gait.
  • Available with a cuff or a bootie type liner: liner to the cuff ends where your toes connect to the rest of your foot while the bootie style liner continues down to your toes for full coverage.
  • Contains 2 layers of pads that contour to the ankle shape and support the ankle for total comfort.
  • Ultra-breathable foam wrap for maximum comfort.
  • Optional EZ Set hinge type can be ordered for range of motion control.
  • Bledsoe Lo-Top-Boot is made in the USA.
  • Option Heel/ankle air bladder can be ordered - takes up the extra space to improve the fit around the ankle area.


  • Fixed, standard Lo-Top design or an EZ Set Lo-Top hinge (add $30.00).
  • Cuff or Bootie foot liner portion.
  • Ankle Heel Pad or Air Ankle Heel Pad (add $15.00)

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L4386 (Boot without Air Bladder); L4360 (Boot with Air Bladder)


The Bledsoe Lo-Top Boot is indicated for post-injury or post-operative application to grade 1, 2, or 3 ankle sprains, and stable or internally fixed fractures of the foot or ankle. Also indicated for stable or internally fixed fractures of the middle to distal tibia or fibula when the optional tibial fracture bracing plate is used.

This device is not recommended for unstable fractures or for fractures of the proximal tibia or fibula. The Bledsoe EZ-Set Hinge used on any Bledsoe walking boot is contra-indicated for unstable fractures or for fractures of the proximal tibia or fibula and is also contraindicated for use during weight bearing in a plantar flexed position for Achilles tendon injuries or repairs (see Achilles Tendon Boot). When fixed or locked in any degree of plantar flexion, all Bledsoe hinged boots should be used non-weight bearing only.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

bledsoe lo-top boot size

  • Aluminum frame and struts.
  • Foam liner material.
  • Standard hook and loop fasteners.
Easy walking
This boot is very easy to walk in. The sole is not much thicker then my shoe so I'm not walking funny. The straps also hold very secure. I was able to get Free Shipping, too! Thanks!
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