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Aspen LSO LoPro 631 "Low Profile"

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Aspen LSO LoPro 631 "Low Profile"
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The Aspen LSO LoPro "Low Profile" 631 provides immediate pain relief and comfortable support. When firmly tightened, using the LeverLatch mechanism, the Aspen 631 LSO  allows patients to regain a significant degree of functional mobility and, in many cases, return to routine activities of daily living. The unique, three-piece design, featuring symmetrical side panels allows patients to tighten the brace with either hand and provides even compression throughout the tightening process. 

Aspen 631 LSO Low Profile Features and Benefits:

  • Aluminum Rods - Reinforce lumbar spinal support.
  • Large lumbar window - Provides maximum airflow for improved comfort.
  • SureSlot Adjustment System - Ensures a good fit regardless of the patient’s physique.
  • Cushion Flex Tabs - Can be cut to further splay outward or trimmed back for better comfort.
  • Polyethylene outer shell - Restricts motion & provides rigid layered support.
  • Aspen® braces conform, and automatically adjust themselves as they're tightened.
  • Easy Leverlatch Closure - Offers a strong mechanical advantage to easily and effectively tighten the orthosis for better immobilization and pain relief.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0631



The Low Profile Aspen LSO LoPro may be used to treat

  • Post-surgical Disectomy.
  • Chronic Failed Low Back Surgery Syndrome.
  • Muliple level degenerative disc disease.
  • Chronic Low Back Pain in need of a high degree of stabilization.
  • Muliple level herniated disc pathology.
  • Sciatica.
  • Spinal stenosis.

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Sizing Chart:

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Polyethylene shell. Foam liner padding.

This brace takes some assembly time but just follow instructions. It is stiffer than the cloth braces, but it really helps a lot more! It gives a better support to your back. My only issue is that it is so hot to wear in hot weather, but have found wearing a t-shirt underneath helps with absorbing the moisture.
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Doesn't wear out
I have been wearing this now for over 5 years. It doesn't wear out like regular neoprene style back braces. I just replace the pads on the inside every couple of years and that's all I have to do to keep it working.
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Easy to Adjust
We use scissors to cut the flare tabs to make it more comfortable on some of our patients that are difficult to fit. Works great for a variety of spinal conditions.
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Great spinal brace
I'm waiting to have back surgery and got this to help reduce the radiating leg pain from my back. My back is not 100% better but I don't have the same shooting pains that I usually have when I'm not wearing it.
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Just had a laminectomy
My doctor was very specific that he wanted me to wear this after my laminectomy procedure. Insurance didn't cover it so I had to buy it myself. The brace arrived new in a completely sealed product bag so I new it hadn't been used and returned before so I was very relieved that I was receiving truly a new brace. The brace closes around your waist in the front with a lachet-style closure that really helps maintain the amount of compression around your back. It keeps my spine straight and protected whenever I'm walking around. Very pleased.
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Too much brace for me
Too much brace for me - had to return it for something a little less bulky. I thought it was very well made though.
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Very, very supportive
Very, very supportive. If you have a serious back injury to many levels in your low back then this is a great brace. It is much more supportive than a basic corset.
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Wearing this after a failed low back surgery
If I didn't wear this brace my lower back would be in pain and spasms all day long. I have been wearing this now for 4 years. I just bought a replacement as my last one finally wore out.
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