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Zensah Compression Shorts

Zensah SKU: 8200
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Short Description

  • Zensah compression shorts feature meryl fabric for performance. 
  • Provides compression without stretching out like cheaper brands. 
  • Features silver ions to combat odor causing bacteria from perspiration.
  • A favorite of athletes.

Zensah Compression Shorts


For unrivaled comfort and range of motion in base layer technology,Zensah Compression Shorts provide the best support and recovery of any performance underwear of their kind. They a feature a breathable, seamless fabric that provides graduated compression and support for the leg muscles and helps promote circulation / oxygen blood flow to the extremities. The shorts provide full leg coverage with their 8" inseam and have a non-binding, non-rolling cuff at the bottom to reduce chaffing and enhance comfort.

Zensah Compression Shorts Features:

  • Specially designed forsupport and recovery.
  • Seamless fabric provides graduated and support for the muscles.
  • Embedded with silver ions for anitimicrobial and odor defense.
  • 8" inseam provides full leg coverage.
  • Color: black.
  • Available in two sizes - please see sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.
  • Model: 8200.


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Zensah Compression Shorts (base layer) are ideal for ultra runners, ultra marathons, triathlon, basketball and other highly competitive sports. The provide light compression for preventing hamstring pulls, quadricep strains, and groin pulls.

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