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Wrap Around Ice Pack for Knee Injury

Searching for a great wrap around ice pack?  DME-Direct carries a large variety of orthopedic quality wrap around knee ice pack designs that mold all around your knee for soothing pain relief.  They feature moldable gels that contour around your knee's bumps and dips instead of displacing outward away from where the cold is needed.  You'll find all the latest wrap around ice packs from Mcdavid, Mueller, ActiveWrap, ColdOne, Ultimate Ice Wraps, and more.  They're ideally suited for treating tendinitis, strains, sprains, and can be used at work or on long business trips as well.  Our wrap around ice pack feature gels that stay cold without causing a freezer burn - perfect for treating sports injuries and knee sprains.  Click knee ice wraps to see our entire selection.

Wraparound Ice Packs For Knee Injuries