Wheaton AirPro Sports Osgood-Schlatter Brace

Wheaton AirPro Sports Osgood-Schlatter Brace
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  • Soothing heart-shaped padded buttress just below patella.
  • Unique lower straps relieves Osgood Schlatter pain.
  • Designed to fit children's size legs.

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The Wheaton AirPro Sports Osgood-Schlatter Brace provides effective support and pain relief for children with Osgood-Schlatter disease.  The product is made out of breathable neoprene material for comfort and features a unique strap below the patella that aids in changing the trajectory of the pull on the patella to reduce strain on the tendon attachment site.  Additional padding has been built into the brace around the tibial tubercle where pain is most commonly experienced.  The Wheaton AirPro Sports Osggod-Schlatter Brace  can be used for everyday activity, as well as, with athletics.  The brace can be used on both the right and left sides, and is available in five sizes to fit children of different ages.


Wheaton AirPro Sports Osgood-Schlatter Brace Features:

  • Padded area covers the sensitive tibial tubercle for pain relief.
  • Infrapatellar strap changes the trajectory of the patella tendon for sustained reduction in stress.
  • Breathable neoprene ideal for staying cool during sports.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in fives sizes to fit every size child - see sizing chart tab.

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The Osgood-Schlatter Brace can be used to treat these types of common issues:

  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease (OSD).
  • Activity-related pain a few inches below the child's knee-cap.
  • Swelling just under the patella on the front of the leg.
  • Pain or tenderness over the shin bone.
  • Overuse syndrome.
  • Tibial tubercle tenderness below the kneecap.
  • Inflammation of the bone, cartilage, and/or tendon at the top of the tibia.
Sizing chart

Wheaton AirPro Sports Osgood-Schlatter Brace

  • Made with breathable neoprene material, and additional padding has been added to the area where the sensitive tibial tubercle resides.
  • Made in the USA.
Brace really helps
I got this brace for my son's osgood schlatter problem and it helped. There's a large pad just below the kneecap and the strap compresses this pad into the spot where kids get the pain. It has made a big difference. I just bought a second brace for him to use when the first gets sweaty.
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Overuse syndrome on my sons leg
My son is enrolled in all sorts of sports but lately he's had pain and swelling around his knee after playing soccer. This didn't seem right at all to me (he's 13 yrs old!) so we saw the doctor and found that he's got a mild case of Osgood-Schlatter or "overuse syndrome" in his leg. After googling around, it makes sense: he's in a growth spurt and is very active. Our physician suggested this brace to give him some comfort and help reduce pain because wearing it reduces strain on the tibial tubercle. Tim knows that he needs to wear the brace and luckily, because it is helping, I've been able to get him to willing put it on along with the rest of his soccer gear like its part of the uniform. It's great that we were able to go this route because he'd hate to quit playing sports.
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