Wheaton AirPro Sports Ankle Support

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Wheaton AirPro Sports Ankle Support
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  • Provides excellent protection for athletic children.
  • Features medial/lateral straps for ligament protection.
  • Provides ankle roll over protection in any shoe.
  • Sized to fit toddlers through sixth graders.
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The Wheaton AirPro Sports Ankle Support (model AS01) provides active children with ankle protection designed for sports.  The brace features neoprene construction for providing a soft comfortable feel that kids will wear along with vertical, medial and lateral stirrup straps to prevent the ankle from rolling over.  The user can pull up on these and reapply with their velcro contact closures for even greater protection.  The Wheaton AirPro Sports Ankle Support features two circumferential straps on top for compression and to keep the stirrup straps in place.  It allows full ankle movement up and down (dorsiflexion/plantar flexion) while keeping the ankle joint protected against twisting motions that can lead to an ankle sprain.  The product is sized to fit toddlers through sixth graders of all sizes, and can be used for athletic protection or for recovery from an ankle sprain.

Wheaton AirPro Sports Ankle Support Features:

  • Medial and lateral strap can be tightened or adjusted while still on the foot.
  • Sized for toddlers up to 6th graders - see sizing chart tab.
  • Popular black breathable neoprene fits inside all types of shoes.
  • Slightly padded in the underfoot area for increased comfort.
  • Can be used for ankle injury recovery or general sports protection.
  • Fits right and left sides.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1906


The Wheaton AirPro Sports Ankle Support can be used for:

  • Chronic Lateral (outside) ankle pain.
  • Acute ankle sprain.
  • Ankle instability.
  • General sports protection.
Sizing chart

Size is based on the age of the child. Please be aware that these are based on typical size for the child at that age. Please call if you have questions.


 Size  Age of Child Shoe Size
 3XS  3-6 2 - 3 1/2
 2XS  7-9 3 1/2 - 5
 XS  10-12 5 - 6
S 13-14 6 - 7
  • Breathable neoprene with "D" rings and hook and loop closure straps.
Stability with comfort
After spraining and re-spraining her ankle 3 times in just 8 weeks we needed something to help keep my daughter's ankle supported so that it could heal and yet still allow her to be an active 5 year old. This seems to be doing just that.
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Works well
My 7 yr old sprained her ankle in advanced tumbling class. We rested and iced it but it still hurt to do activities. When she wears the brace she can still participate. The brace works great. The only negative is that it is a little hard to get into her cheerleading shoe. I would recommend it anyways though.
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Excellent brace
My daughter is a gymnast, and has had trouble with her ankles for awhile now. We had a hard time finding a brace that was small enough to fit her, yet stable enough to give her the support she needs. This brace does all that.
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Nice product
Fits well on my 7-year old (he is on the small side) and helps stabilize his ankle after a sprain. Easy to put on, snug enough, nice over a sock and in Crocs.
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Pediatrician is a Coach too
Practicing what I preach, when I signed up as a volunteer Coach for youth basketball, I suggested a fundraiser so that our kids could all have these Wheaton APS Ankles. Once ankle sprains start occuring, they tend to occur again. My heartfelt theory is: brace and try to avoid having the problem in the first place. It certainly wasn't hard getting the parents to comply as many of them are seen at my clinic anyway - and the children will wear anything as long as its part of their team "uniform". Our bake sale raised the necessary funds, so we were able to protect the players without any hassle or expense to the families. It was a win-win even if we "lost" a couple games :)
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