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What Is A Cryo Cuff?

The Cryo Cuff is an inflatable, anatomically designed pad that's designed to apply cold and compression to the affected injury and encourage faster healing and recovery after surgery.  Cuffs are available to fit a variety of different areas of the body including the knee, shoulder, elbow, back, hip, foot, and wrist.  The cuff can be used with three types of coolers to supply cold therapy including: the standard gravity-fed cooler (non-motorized), the cryo cuff autochill system, and the Cryo cuff IC unit.  Each cuff is designed to click into the cooler's hose coupling for patient-friendly use.   The cryo cuff baths the affected joint with comfortable cold and compression that reduces pain and hemarthrosis formation that's common after surgery.  When a cryo cuff is used with a motorized cooler, a barrier should be used underneath the cuff to reduce the chance of a serious injury resulting from the use of cold.  Patients with Raynaud's disease or sensitivity to cold or other vasospastic diseases should not use a cryo cuff.

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What Is A Cryo Cuff