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Townsend CS (Compression Suspension) Package

Townsend Design SKU: CS Package
$71.99 $59.99
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Townsend CS (Compression Suspension) Package

$71.99 $59.99

The Townsend CS Package is a compression suspension strap kit add-on that fits ll Townsend ligament and  OA braces.  Instead of the lower thigh strap attaching to the inside of the frame of the brace (traditional method), the CS Package uses a flange-mounted design that enables the thigh strap to compress against the lateral thigh for a closer, compression-enabled fit.  This greatly enhances the suspension fit of the brace and reduces slippage often experienced with competitors' braces.  Coupled with Townsend's Anti-migration Strap Pad kit, the CS Package offers the best method for reducing brace slippage - the most common complaint of wearing a knee brace. 

Townsend CS Package Features:

  • Flange-mounted thigh strap kit provides lateral thigh compression.
  • CS Package enhances brace suspension and reduces brace slippage.
  • Replaces the traditional second thigh strap configuration.
  • Brace not included.
  • Cannot be added to existing braces - only initial brace orders through DME-Direct.
  • Recommended for use with Townsend OA and ligament braces.
  • Non-returnable.

The CS Package suspension strap kit is indicated for use with Townsend OA and ligament braces to improve brace suspension.

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