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Top Shelf High Hand Arm Sling

Top Shelf SKU: 502040
$33.99 $29.99
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Short Description

The High Hand Sling elevates the arm for support and comfort; Ideal for shoulder arm, and wrist/hand injuries.

Top Shelf High Hand Arm Sling

$33.99 $29.99

The Top Shelf High Hand Sling provides the ability to elevate and provide support to the hand/wrist following an injury or surgery. The arm is cradled in a foam pocket that is secured comfortably to the chest. Ideal arm sling for rotator cuff injuries, elbow fractures and hand/wrist injuries.

High Hand Sling Features:

  • Elevates the hand and supports the shoulder/injured arm.
  • Breathable large size forearm pouch for comfort.
  • Trimmable shoulder strap for a customized fit.
  • Ideal for every patient needing to wear a sling.
  • Fits Right/Left sides.

The High Hand Sling is indicated for elevating the arm for support after shoulder, elbow, and wrist/hand injuries.