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Thumb Support Brace

Thumb support brace

Searching for an effective thumb support brace?  These braces are designed to immobilize your thumb for healing overuse injuries, tendinitis, arthritis, Gamekeepers thumb, and ligaments sprains.  DME-Direct carries models with adjustable/bendable stays for placing your thumb in the most comfortable and supported position possible. 


Some of our thumb support brace products contain stay pockets surrounding the thumb for inserting and removing different thicknesses of stays for personalizing your level of support.  This allows you to customize how you want your thumb to be immobilized.  We carry an extensive selection for patients, doctors, clinics, and more, with most products ranging in price from $15 - $25 depending on the particular brand (and yes, we carry all of the good ones).  Click thumb supports to see our entire selection of styles.