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Thumb Splint For Arthritis

Suffering with basal joint arthritis can cause great pain and disability in your thumb.  This type of arthritis specifically attacks the base of the thumb (CMC joint) causing pain with activities requiring pinching or grasping.  DME-Direct carries a large selection of arthritis thumb splint products for stabilizing your thumb to reduce pain and inflammation.  We carry both short, low profile versions, as well as, standard length products that provide greater immobilization of your wrist as well.  You'll find all of the top names including Aircast, Bauerfeind, FLA Orthopedics, Hely Weber, MedSpec,  Ossur, and more for use at home and work.  Click thumb splint to see our complete selection.

Tools To Help Manage Your Pain (Besides A Thumb Splint For Arthritis):

Arthritis responds well to the use of heat - it stimulates circulation, and decreases joint stiffness to fingers.  Using arthritis gloves in addition to an arthritis thumb splint can prove beneficial in managing pain and stiffness.  The use of NSAIDs, as recommended by your physician, have been proven effective for reducing pain and inflammation as well.  Proper nutrition can also play a role in reducing pain as research continues to show a positive link between eating specific types of foods high in naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties and the reduction of everyday pain from osteoarthritis.

Thumb splint for Arthritis