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Thuasne Patella Reliever

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$156.99 $146.99
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Thuasne's Patella Reliever offers customizable patella tracking and reduces pain from patello-femoral symptoms.

Thuasne Patella Reliever

$156.99 $146.99

The Thuasne Patella Reliever is a precisely knitted patella tracking orthosis that provides customizable correction to reduce pain around the kneecap. The compression sleeve design provides an adjustable counterforce that helps improve patella tracking.  The pull-up sleeve features different fabric zones throughout that provide even compression around the knee, and anti-migration silicon threads that resist slippage during activity. The soft tracking guide is attached to an integrated pulley system that allows the wearer to easily and exactly position the soft, smooth EVA foam patella insert inside; easily adjusts for more or less correction as needed for a maximum tracking affect. The breathable fabric is cooler and more comfortable than neoprene or similar materials. Ideal for patello-femoral pain syndrome, lateral patellar conditions, patella arthritis, and chondromalacia symptoms.

Thuasne Patella Reliever Features and Benefits:

  • Provides adjustable patella control and mproves tracking.
  • Easy to use integrated pulley design.
  • Breathable knit zones for even cmpression.
  • Fits Right and Left sides.
  • Available in size sizes - See Size & Fit tab for sizing chart and measurement/fit help.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1810, L1812

Thuasne Patella Reliever may be used to treat Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome, Lateral Patellar Subluxation, Lateral Patellar Dislocations, Patello-Femoral Arthritis, Lateral Patellar CompressionSyndrome, Chondramalacia, and Post Lateral Release Surgery.