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Thigh Wrap: Neoprene, Elastic Thigh Wraps -

Thigh wraps are designed to provide injury support and compression for faster healing.  DME-Direct carries a large selection of thigh wrap designs in neoprene, elastic, and knitted styles for hamstring and quadricep muscle injuries. They're routinely used to treat overuse injuries sustained from playing sports like football, rugby, and basketball.  Many thigh support wrap models feature adjustable straps which can be used to apply even more targeted compression than what their material can naturally apply on its own.  You'll find pull up wraparound designs from all the best names like Bauerfeind, BioSkin, M-Brace, and more.  Our thigh wrap products will range from $20 - $ 50 depending on the particular styling of the product.  Click thigh supports to see our full selection.

Thigh Wraps