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Sports Ice Packs For Injuries -

Today'sports Ice packs are designed to mold to the contours of the body while effectively reducing pain and inflammation caused by typical sports injuries.  They reduce pain and inflammation by reducing the amount of prostaglandin formed at the injury site which influences the amount of pain experienced during an injury.  DME-Direct carries the a full selection of ice packs for sports injuries for different parts of the body including the knees, back, shoulders, and more.  You'll find ice packs with reusable gels and resealable bag styles that use traditional ice for constant cold and compression.  Most of our sports ice pack models include neoprene wraps to hold the packs in place for greater convenience.

Sports ice packs are routinely used by today's sports medicine professionals to treat sprains and strains and for preventing injuries caused by over training.  to recovery after minor arthroscopic procedures, you'll find a great selection of products designed to treat specific body parts like a knee or shoulder specifically.   Shop professional quality sports ice packs from the most reliable sports medicine names like Donjoy, ActiveWrap, ColdOne, Ultimate Ice Wraps, McDavid, Mueller, and more.   Click on the link above to find the best reusable ice pack for your type of sports injury.

Sports Ice Packs For Injuries