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Shoulder Surgery Sling

Shoulder Surgery Sling Products For Arthroscopic Surgery

Shoulder Surgery Sling

Searching for the right shoulder surgery sling for an upcoming surgery?  DME-Direct carries the most popular shoulder surgery slings for recovery from arthroscopic and open procedures.  You'll find models with adjustable/removable forearm pads, as well as, one with optional external rotation pie-shaped wedges for maintain your shoulder in the correctly suggested position according to your physician's protocol.  Choose from all the top shoulder surgery sling styles including Aircast, Breg, DeRoyal, Donjoy, FLA Orthopedics, Hely Weber, MedSpec, Ossur, Townsend Design, and more.  Prices range from $45 - $90 depending on the particular style and any additional features that might be required.  Click shoulder sling to see our full selection.

Get Your Shoulder Surgery Sling From The #1 Source:

Need your shoulder surgery sling order quickly?  We offer fast, free delivery on all qualified orders and $7.50 ground delivery for all orders under $100.  Expedited shipping methods are available including delivery choices as fast as the following business day.  99% of all orders are shipped the same day to all our customers.  Best of all, we warehouse all of our shoulder surgery slings instead of drop-shipping your order from the manufacturer which can result in lengthy, unnecessary shipping delays.  Even manufacturers run out of products from time to time.  Got a question about a particular style or just want to compare brands?  We're just a call or click away and have technical support staff available to answer all your questions.  Get your shoulder surgery sling direct from the #1 source, DME-Direct.