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Cold One 3-In-1 Elbow, Hand , Plantar Fascitis Wrap

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Cold One 3-In-1 Plantar Fasciitis / Elbow / Hand/ Wrist Wrap provides complete icing to the plantar fascia, elbow, or wrist/hand area. Covers the entire foot and arch area with cold.

Cold One 3-In-1 Elbow, Hand , Plantar Fascitis Wrap

$53.99 $45.99

The Cold One 3-In-1 Wrap provides icing and compression for plantar fasciitis, elbow, and wrist/hand injuries to help stop pain and inflammation.  The wrap features stitched in gel sheets inside that supply cold around your entire foot, elbow, or wrist regions as needed.  The outer neoprene layer is designed to insulate the cold and drive it deep into your muscle and tendons to relieve pain.  The inside is lined with a rubberized linen sheet that protects your skin from developing a cryo burn from icing for an extended period of time.  The gel sheets are filled with a non-toxic water-based material that's safe and effective for 30 minute treatment times.  The Cold One 3-In-1 Plantar Fasciitis, Elbow, Wrist/Hand Wrap works best if applied for 15 minutes first thing in the morning, after work, and before bed. 

Cold One 3-In-1 Plantar Fasciitis, Elbow, Wrist/Hand Wrap Features:

  • Fits right and left foot - one size fits all design.
  • Provides effective relief for plantar fasciitis symptoms, elbow strains, and wrist sprains,
  • Clinical-grade quality materials used throughout for durability.

The Cold One 3-In-1 Plantar Fasciitis Foot Ice Wrap, Elbow Wrap, Wrist/Hand Wrap is commonly used to treat:

  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Heel spurs.
  • Lateral epicondylitis/ tennis elbow.
  • Elbow sprains.
  • Wrist tendonitis / spraina.
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