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Patella Bands For Knee Pain -

A patella band is designed to relieve pain around the patellofemoral joint, condition often referred to patello-femoral pain syndrome. The undersurface of the patella is curved to track in a groove (called the trochlear groove) and distributes pressure across the undersurface of the patella (knee cap) with the femur (thigh bone).le Playing sports over the years along with presentation of an increased Q-angle (termed knock knees) can increase the chance of someone becoming susceptible to having a PFPS injury. The repeated loading of the knee joint with activities like running, jumping, and ascending or descending stairs can aggravate this syndrome. Patella bands can reduce pain while a program of rest and safe quadricep muscle strengthening exercises are slowly introduced over time.

DME-Direct carries a complete selection of patella bands that relieve pain so you can return to favorite activity again.  You'll find a variety of physician-recommended knee band products from the top orthopedic brands like Aircast, Breg, Donjoy, Hely Weber, MedSpec, and more, all designed to relieve pain and tenderness around your kneecap.  They're lightweight and easy to apply.  Most of our bands range in price from $9 - $15 depending on their styling and unique construction.  Click knee band to see our entire selection of patella bands.

Patella Bands