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Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint

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$43.99 $34.50
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Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint is the best for convenience and support.

Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint

$43.99 $34.50

The Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint provides both the convenience of a dorsal night splint and the structured support/adjustability of a posterior night splint. The splint's fully adjustable tension strap increases the amount of stretch to accommodate individual patient tolerances. Plus it's extremely well padded for superior support and nighttime comfort.

The Hybrid holds the foot in place securely without giving up comfort or mobility. The articulating hinge's adjustable settings allow for a full range of function for a greater stretch throughout the rehab process. The splint's non-skid sole improves ambulation safety for unparalleled function. This is the ideal Ovation Medical night splint model for treating plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and Achilles tendonitis.


Ovation Hybrid Night Splint Features:

  • Clinically proven to reduce discomfort associated with Plantar fasciitis in 90% of cases
  • Fully adjustable tension strap for a customized stretch
  • The articulating hinge design allows for a full range of adjustable settings.
  • Extremely well padded for superior comfort and unparalleled function
  • Holds the foot securely in place
  • Non-skid sole silicone application for easier ambulation
  • Fits men and women
  • Sizes: Small/Medium and Large/XLarge - See Size & Fit tab for sizing chart and measurement/fit help
  • Available with an additional strap

Manufacturer PDAC Approved: L4396

The Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint may be used to treat:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Drop Foot
  • Post-Static Pain