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Ottobock Agilium Vantage Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

Otto Bock SKU: 50K306
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Short Description

Ottobock's Agilium Vantage provides effective pain relief for mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis (OA).

Ottobock Agilium Vantage Osteoarthritis Knee Brace


The OttoBock Agilium Vantage is a soft, wraparound knee orthosis designed to provide lasting pain relief for patients with mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis (OA). The brace features a Dynamic Y force strap system that provides unloading like similar Ossur unloader products to minimize rotation and reduce pain. The wraparound design has contact closures for easy fitting.  The lightweight, breathable material prevents bunching behind the knee for all-day comfort .

Ottobock Agilium Vantage Features: 

  • Dynamic Y force strap system provides unloading to minimize rotation and reduce pain.
  • Single, low-profile metal upright with hinge for fixed flexion and extension limits.
  • Lightweight, breathable material prevents popliteal bunching for user comfort and increased compliance.
  • Four adjustable, numbered closure straps for quick and easy application.
  • Trimmable sleeves to fit a broader range of patients with three sizes to reduce inventory.

Which Ottobock Agilium Vantage Knee Brace Is Right For Me?

You should choose the Medial type to treat a bowlegged (varus) look caused by medial compartment osteoarthritis, and you should choose a Lateral type to treat knock knees (valgus) look caused by lateral compartment osteoarthritis.

Ottobock Agilium Vantage

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC Code: L1843

Ottobock Agilium Vantage is indicated for mild unicompartment medial or lateral osteoarthritis.