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Ossur Rehab Contour Post-Op Knee Brace

Ossur SKU: B-220*
$399.99 $359.99
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Short Description

  • Rehab post-op knee brace contours for lightwight ligament ROM control.

Ossur Rehab Contour Post-Op Knee Brace

$399.99 $359.99

The Ossur Rehab Contour Post-Op Knee Brace provides full range of motion control and is ideally suited for recovery following fracture related and and ligament surgeries. The product product controls knee range of motion in 15 degree increments and can be ordered with or without a drop lock feature for locking your knee in a fully straightened position with a flick of a switch. The Ossur Rehab Contour Post-Op Knee Brace comes is available with breathable “Air Light” padding or tissue controlling “Full Foam”. Telescoping side struts allow the product to be lengthened to fit individuals from 5'6" all the way to 6'8" comfortably. Simply push the strut tabs on the sides for easy push-button style lengthening. Patients appreciate the product's lightweight design and how easy it is to fit in seconds for immediate knee protection.

Ossur Rehab Contour Knee Brace Features:

  • Available in leg/right-specific Contour model or Universal model (regular size only)
  • Available with full foam for tissue control or cool, breathable Air Light padding
  • Push-button system for easy strut length adjustment
  • Strap tabs allow quick brace placement and adjustment
  • Lightweight for extended patient comfort and compliance
  • Range of motion control in 15° increments: Flexion 0° to 105°, Extension 15° to 90°
  • Suggested weight range: Up to 250lbs.
  • Low profile: fits easily under clothing