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Ossur Undersleeves/Knee Brace Covers

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From $33.00 To $181.95
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  • Entire lineup of Ossur undersleeve and Ossur brace cover Accessories
  • Find Sports Undersleeve, Neoprene Undersleeve, Softsleeve undersleeve, Neoprene Oversleeve, and Padded Sports Oversleeve.
  • Increases comfort and minimizes chaffing.
  • Protects skin, reduces abrasion and prevents rashes.
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Ossur Soft Sleeve

Ossur Undersleeve (Neoprene)

Ossur Neoprene Oversleeve

Ossur Sport Sleeve Undersleeve

Ossur Padded Sports Oversleeve

Ossur Undersleeves/Knee Brace Covers

From $33.00 To $181.95
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We carry a large selection of Ossur Undersleeve and Ossur Brace Covers that work with all current and past brace models. Absorbent sleeves worn under a knee brace enhance comfort and protect your skin from chaffing and brace irritation. They're also a great way to keep your leg and knee a bit warmer during cooler months while helping to control moisture during use in hot environments. These Ossur undersleeve and Ossur brace covers are designed to fit both your right and left side.  Please refer to the sizing chart tab for proper measurement taking.

 Available Ossur Undersleeve And Ossur Knee Brace Covers:

  • Sports Undersleeve: Polyester/Lycra - breathable AND wicks perspiration away from your skin. Has an elastic top band that can be turned down.
  • Neoprene Undersleeve: 3/16 inch thick material provides warmth.
  • SoftSleeve Undersleeve: Cotton/Lycra material that's super breathable.
  • Neoprene Oversleeve: Neoprene material design provides added protection and keeps the entire brace covered.

Ossur Undersleeves/Ossur Brace Covers Features:

  • Products fit both right and left sides.
  • Hand wash with Woolite - line dry for best results.

HCPCS Code: A9999

Undersleeve, Oversleeve, Sportsleeve: Measure thigh circumference 6" (15cm) above mid-patella:


Circumference 6" (15cm) above mid patella Undersleeve Oversleeve Sportsleeve
<15" (38 cm) 20251 20051 20682
15 - 18" (38-45 cm) 20252 20052 20683
18 - 19.5" (45-49.5 cm) 20253 20053 20684
19.5 - 21.5" (45-49.5 cm) 20254 20054 20685
21.5 24.5" (54.5-62cm) 20255 20055 N/A
24.5 - 28" (62-71cm) 20256 20056 N/A
28 - 34" (71-68 cm) 20257 20057 N/A