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Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace 6"

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Ossur's Form Wrist Brace features a two-strap 6" design for lower-profile wrist injury support.

Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace 6"


The Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace 6"  with patented Form Fit 3-dimensional molding technology allows us to vary padding thickness in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit. An optional gel insert is available to provide hot/cold with activity. The two strap design is the lowest profile design in the Ossur lineup of supports.

The Ossur Form Fit wrist brace 6" is extremely breathable and provides comfort and support for a wide range of soft tissue injuries needing immobilization.  The shorter length is ideally suited for shorter height individuals 5''7" and less.

Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace 6" Features:

  • Lightweight, durable fabric construction.
  • Ergonomically contoured variable padding for greater comfort..
  • Removable/adjustable palmar stay for adjustable support.
  • Breathable Lycra liner for breathability and comfort.
  • Two adjustable hook and loop contact closures for adjustability.
  • V-notch design at fifth M.P. allows for palmar spread and full use of fingers.
  • Sculpted, narrow web space prevents pinching and irritation.
  • Optional gel pad (See Related Product) insert provides hot/cold; Removable & therapeutically beneficial.
  • Right and left specific.
  • Available in four sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement guidelines.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3908.

The Ossur Form Fit 6" Wrist Brace is used to treat:

  • Tendonitis.
  • Wrist sprains and strains.
  • Post-cast healing.
  • Select injuries needing immobilization.
  • Mild to severe soft tissue injuries.
  • Arthritis.