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Ossur Flex Ligament Knee Brace

Ossur SKU: FLEX-xx
$680.00 $476.99
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Short Description

  • Carbon composite frame design for strength and durability.
  • Heat moldable for a customized fit.

Ossur Flex Ligament Knee Brace

$680.00 $476.99

The Ossur Flex Knee Brace is a viable bracing solution offering more versatility in both shape and function than most other sport braces.  The Ossur Flex® OTS (off-the-shelf) heat-moldable carbon composite frame accommodates edema and/or changes in leg shape during recovery from surgery. Accutrac range of motion hinges provide complete flexion and extension control control. To enhance comfort and ensure a better fit, the Flex knee brace comes with unique Gel Fit condyle pads that contour to the knee and improve suspension during activity. Gel Fit condylar pads improve suspension and are comfortable for tender knees recovering from trauma.

Ossur Flex Knee Brace Features:

  • Provides total support  for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities.
  • Carbon composite frame easily accommodates changes in leg shape throughout recovery.
  • Heat-moldable to fit every patient.
  • Accutrac ROM hinges with easy-to-use flexion/extension stops for raange of motion control: [Lockout: 0 degrees /Flexion:45,60,75,90 degrees / Extension: 10,20,30,40 degrees].
  • Gel Fit condyle pads for improved suspension and enhanced comfort around the joint.
  • Features a No-Slip Guarantee with AMS (Anti-Migration System) Wrap used around the calf; provides excellent brace suspension - choose either neoprene or evazote (neoprene free) from above.
  • Anterior tibial strap for precise hinge depth location and tibia control.
  • Large "open window" frame design accommodates post-op dressing and edema.
  • Pivoting buckles enable proper strap placement above calf muscle.
  • Simple, 4-strap design allows for quick application and removal of this PCL knee brace.
  • Lightweight, streamlined, non-bulky Flex frame improves compliance.
  • Recommended for low to medium contact sports.
  • Right/left specific.
  • Available in four sizes - See our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.
  • Color: Clear Carbon.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1845


The Ossur Flex Knee Brace is ideally suited for treating:

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, injuries and post reconstructed knees.
  • Non, low and high contact/impact activities.
  • Post-op, rehab and return to sports.