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Open Patella Knee Sleeve -

Open patella knee sleeve products come in all different levels of quality.  Some feature cheaper neoprene densities, small cutouts for your kneecap, and no nylon facings on the inside or outside to enhance the overall durability of the product.  DME-Direct carries the largest selection of orthopedic quality open patella knee sleeve products available online today.  Choose from physician-endorsed brands like Bledsoe, Breg, BioSkin, Corflex, Donjoy, Fla Orthopedics, Hely Weber, Mcdavid, MedSpec, Mueller, Ossur, Pro Orthopedic Devices, and more. You'll appreciate the comfort, support, and warmth they supply for your type of injury.  Most of our open patella knee sleeve products range in price from $10 - $20 depending on their construction and unique features.  Click knee sleeve to see our entire selection.

Open Patella Knee Sleeve